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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Junky Photo display

It may seem strange,with as much as I love using vintage frames in my decor that I don't necessarily like having my photos in frames. I really love using unusual items to display photographs. 

Click some photos and links to go to similar items in my etsy store.

This this display on a shelf in my home office.  I've used a store sign holder,  wooden photo film holders
 Even music holders and flower frogs, but not regular frames.

This fun item is for enlarging prints in a dark room. The black bars are moveable so you can add that white border around the print.  You move them along those bars on the side. I love the wood frame and the glass in front makes it perfect for photos.

Or these fabulous items, used to hold film in vintage field cameras.  Nice wooden frames as well.

Even this garden sign would be great as a photo frame.

I've even propped photos up in items like this for display.
This is another one of those enlarger mattes for darkroom developing.  It has 2 sides and is perfect for larger photos.

Do you prefer regular frames or unusual ways to display your photos?

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