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Sunday, October 13, 2013

FMS Collectors Book

So you go to one store and look for it, it's not there Then you drive to another and another place and look again, still not finding it. By the time you are done driving all over town and still not finding it , you've spent more money on gas and frustration  than you will in postage and peace.  It won't be in stores for at least another week but I have plenty in stock for immediate shipment.  

Flea Market Style announces their first ever Collectors edition, Featuring some of the best homes from past issues. It has a thicker than usual cover and only a few ads in the 160 pages of content, only (one ad page except for inside covers) $12.95.

Go here for ordering information

And while you are ordering, check out the past issues I still have available.
Flea Market Style magazine's
First Ever "Best-of" issue.

Only $12.95
Go here for ordering information 

Re-visit the great homes featured 
in past issues of 
Flea Market Style 
in a 160-page best-of issue,
Thicker than usual cover
Perfect for the Coffee Table
Very few ads inside 

This is your chance to 
re-visit the great homes featured 
in past issues of 
Flea Market 
Style magazine,
 or catch up on what you missed.
 a gorgeous  compilation of the best flea market style 
 homes, and collecting trends that have been featured
 in the magazine 
 over the past four years.

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