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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The unusual and out of the ordinary

I love finding things that I have never seen before, That is what gets my heart pumping.  As a matter of fact, it's what I am always looking for.

When I saw this cabinet I knew it was special.  Why you ask? 
Each of those drawers came out, hung down as bins.
  Now that is different. If I had not been traveling by air, I would have scooped this one up.
  It sold as I was standing there.

And what is this you ask????  Some sort of optician eye exam equipment.  Also never seen before.

And this lovely item was seen at Hunt and Gather. Do you know what it is?  I would have loved to have brought it home.  
It was a bit out of my price range though. I'm still wishing I could have brought that cabinet home.

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Carletta Heide said...

The bottom item shows the relation of the earth, moon, and sun. As you move the earth, the other "bodies" also move. It was used in one-room rural schools. We have one at our Akey School Museum in Wisconsin. The last rural school closed in our county in 1965.

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