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Monday, March 10, 2014

Vintage Photo Shoot, Props and the Final product

You might remember that back in January I got to provide some props for this fun photo shoot for an ad campaign for a local  historical building that is being restored for new office space.

Well I finally saw one of the ads, in it's final form today in a local magazine. It looks great, and I am glad I had a small part to play.
Didn't it turn out great.   You can read more about this fabulous old building here.

 The interior spaces of this old Art Deco building are fabulous

These are my very unprofessional images that I snapped during the process
I was so glad to provide the Saturday Evening post below

But mostly I provided many of these items, The globe, clock and intercom.
And this chair

1 comment:

Tam Francis said...

Great mix of modern and vintage. Love the one that made it in the magazine. Great props. I have a similar typewriter. The models are lovely! Great job.

~ Tam Francis ~

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