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Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th Junkers Style

We live outside city limits, so every year, weather permitting, we have a big July 4th bash with friends and family.

This year we wanted to make it simple. No fancy cooking, grilling etc, just friends, fun and fireworks. 
No fuss no muss.

So we went with "make your own" sandwiches, coleslaw, A bean dip spread for the vegetarians, Watermelon ...
I pulled out every red and blue dish I had, and rounded it out with some vintage enamel Cathrineholm bowls.

And of course dessert, provided by my wonderful DIL. Aren't these so pretty!

Of course, being the junker I am I had to incorporate some of my fun junking finds for this Picnic Themed evening.  An old picnic basket holds bottled water and cups for tea, and an old Plaid cooler holds Ice.  I lined it with a plastic bag for sanitary reasons.
one thing I love to do on the 4th is to use old Aluminum Christmas tree branches as simulated sparklers, all over the place, add a few flags, and it's a fun look.

You can't really see it but the container in this centerpiece is an old thermos. I thrifted everything for this photo including  the bunting in the background.

Even my dress forms got into the spirit.

I'm not sure my friends, know quite what to think of my "decorations" but by now I think they know me well enough to know I'm a bit quirky that way :)

This year we had little ones joining us,
too cute!!!!!
Everyone had a great time

But it was all really about the fireworks!!!! Lorna's first sparkler ever.
I hope you had a great 4th of July Holiday. Don't forget what it's all about. The sacrifice of our forefathers and their long sighted vision for our country.  Long may she wave!!!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Looks like a great time! I may have to steal your idea with the aluminum Christmas tree branches as sparklers!

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