Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well My Internet has been down most of today so I got a lot done. I was flipping through a book that had a framed print of several balusters all chippy and white. It was in a cream bedroom and looked lovely and calm. It inspired me to do this.

I'd bet my poor DH would love it if I'd put these books away. :) He hasn't even noticed it yet though. I've decide that I love to make changes. Good thing my tastes are not expensive.


Rosemary said...

That is so cute. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Really love all your creations! Very inspiring! Just do you have time for all this?? Just looking at everything wears me out!

Margo said...

Well Debbie, let me first say that this is years and years of collecting and playing. It seems like a lot but it's not really. I work, outside the home, in the mornings about 4 hrs a day. Then I have my afternoons and evenings (when my family allows) to play. I do the Garage sales on Thurs-Sat and I work in the barn on my projects in the evenings mostly. I go in spurts, work a little then go inside (usually while glue or paint is drying). I usually work a nap in a few days a week too. I'm pretty organized which is one way I'm able to accomplish so much. Also, many of these projects belong to readers not just me. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Well I am impressed! You are one of those who will be very successful with a book or eventually a store - just like the other junk ladies. Can't wait to see you on Oprah someday! Keep up the great work!! (PS: with all the traffic you are getting on your website, you could probably sell some advertising! I can't believe I suggested that since I can't stand the advertising on the garden-junk forum but what the heck)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my, Margo, I haven't even finished your blog and just love your posts. Did you see the blog on "Assemblage" and how she used almost the same idea? Too cool! I'm headed to Canton on Friday; will you go?

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