Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday and a visit to the Dentist

Well this week has been pretty quiet, except for my Dental visit today for a filling. I came home with a head/neck ache and took a little nap and felt much better when I woke up.

Anyway, on the T2T front: I've been working on this desk for about a week and a half now, and with all this rain, paint just does not want to dry. I think I'm finally finished and I'm happy with the results.
Before, The wood was not in very good condition, much of it was peeling and there was some marker that I could not remove. The solution---Paint.


and a close up of the 1/2 spindles I attached for a little bling

I've also started working on beautifying the entrance to my Barn, I'm determined to do this without spending a lot of money. I might purchase some ferns or something, but the idea behind T2T is to use what you've got or can find free or cheap. So I just moved some items from other parts of the yard to highlight them here.
I'll continue to work on it, but right now my yard is a swamp.

I'll post pics as I add more stuff. DH Wants to paint the barn red, and wants me to hang some windows from the side you see there. I was so surprised as he is not into the shabby chic look, but I think windows would look nice against a deep red. Painting is a job for the fall though. I don't do that kind of stuff in the Summer heat.

I'm so excited... Ki and Sue are coming to Austin in August and First Monday in September. I'm sure I can catch them at one of these events. In Case you don't know who Ki and Sue are. They are the original JunkMasters. they have a monthly column in Country Home magazine, a book and a junk magazine that came out last spring.
Here's their web site


Anonymous said...

your paint jobs always look great!! I can never get mine to turn out that good!

Nicole said...

Nice! Looks fabulous!!!

I haven't had time to work on any T2T projects lately and it's killin' me!! :o)

Rosemary said...

Yuck, the dentist.
Love the desk!!
The entrance to the barn area is looking good. I like the idea of red paint.
I know about Ki and Sue. This month they did the central coast of Calif. Everywhere I can go easily, YAY!
I hope you get to talk to them. They are my kind of girls.

misselaineous said...

Margo...the desk looks great, and the barn's looking good! Your projects never fail to inspire...just wish I had an extra 4 hours in every day! Hope you and yours are safe, and not affected by the horrible rain storms that have been hitting TX. I'm in central Florida, so am more than aquainted with devastating weather!

JudyH said...

I love the idea of the plants by the birdbath.

Margo said...

Miselaineous: We are good, just have had a lot of rain. Some streets get temporarily flooded, but I just stay inside till it all drains away. My yard is like a swamp though.

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