Monday, June 4, 2007

We've been robbed

Well almost. Some vandals tried to remove our AC (outside) unit from our office this past weekend. They also hit a couple of other businesses on the street. But as usual
criminals are stupid. All of us have cameras. The guy across the street got a good shot of their license plate. We got a good shot of the guys, one of which relieved himself on our parking lot. Ha! Ha!. So the cop is anxious to get the pictures so he can go arrest these guys. So this am we have no air conditioning up front but we are blowing the one from the back up to the front, so it's bearable.

On another funnier note: My Son (age 16) thought he'd be "smart" this weekend. He comes downstairs and says "we have an intruder in our house and he keep hanging mirrors in my bathroom". "Ha Ha" I said, "very funny". He said "it started as 4 and more and more show up every time I go in there". Now if you are confused just scroll down about 2 postings and you'll see my "hand mirror collection".

Bed bench is almost finished, yeah!!

Got a few other projects in the works so keep checking.


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Bummer! glad you (hopefully) caught them. BTW, your corner of the barn looks great. You will definitely be ready for a sale by fall.

Rosemary said...

Glad you had cameras to get the bad guys.
Your son is funny!

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