Thursday, July 19, 2007

Numbers & Letters

Numbers and letters are real big these days. I'm even starting to see Dinnerware that is simply a white plate with a large black number or letter on them. And they are not cheap.

I've been wanting some black on white tags for various projects, but have been unable to find exactly what I'm looking for. So yesterday I went on the hunt for something that would work. At first I found these little "make your own" tag rings at Michaels.

they came with a template so you can cut just the right sized circle and were very easy to use. I also got some black numbers/letter stickers and I was able to make these tags.

After I found those at Michaels, I headed over to Office depot where I found these

You get a lot more for your money, but they are only 1 size.
So I came home and I started crafting. First I spray painted some of the smaller ones in yellow and pink. Any color would work. Red/White/Blue for the 4th. Red/Green for Christmas, Pastel for Spring/Easter, Orange/brown/green for Fall etc.

They took the paint well and when dry turned out real sweet. Then I started playing and made these projects

Basket tie-on

Friends Sign for my Friends board...

Then I started labeling everything in sight.

I can think of many more projects for the tags and letters. I'm thinking scrapbooking, hand made cards, little signs to hang for holidays, the possibilities are endless. So I hope you take this inspiration and make something beautiful today for your world.

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Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I love your new tags. Great job!
Very crafty!!
For my latest craft project go to my blog.
Have a great day/evening!

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