Monday, July 9, 2007

Today's Treasures

Well since my blog is about creating Treasures from Trash I thought I'd stop talking about the rain and start talking trash.

Today, I was really itchin to go bargain hunting. So after work I went to an Antiques store that I don't go to very often, but almost always find something good. And I found this little suitcase.
And it was a bargain at $5.00, but wait, it was 1/2 off, so even better. I scooped it up. For the short term I'm gonna use it as a display at my Barn Sale for my paper and scrapbooking stuff.

Now for some projects, I thought I'd show you the project and then tell you where I got all the elements. First project is this shelf unit.

The shutter sides, shelf wood, and top detail all came from garage sales, and all parts were dirt cheap. Shutters were bought with a bunch of others, the wood was $3.00 and i got a lot more and the top portion was part of a shelf that was .50c.
Put it all together and you've got a nice little shelf.
Next project, Small shutter cabinet.

Shutter door was given to me by a friend who is remodeling, sides were part of the 3.00 lumber purchase above. Base is an old wooden gameboard also purchased at a GS and the top was part of an old table that was damaged $2.00, but I used the base of the table for another project so this is only a part of that cost. The little feet are scrap wood from leftover bits.
Here's another shelf unit

I bought the shutter at a Flea Market years ago and have never used it, so I thought I'd turn it into a shelf unit. The shelves were beadboard that someone was selling at a church sale for practically nothing. and the triangle brackets are leftovers.

That's the junk now for the adventure. I sold my crib bench to a woman in Mass. So the adventure is getting it packed for shipment. I found a box, but now I've got to fill up all that empty space. I'm using other boxes (empty) to fill up most of it then I'll probably dump some peanuts to fill in the gaps. I should be ready to ship it later this week. This is the first time for me to ship something this big, I'll let you know how it goes. It's pretty sturdy so I'm not too worried about it. Here it is so far.

Well that is what I've been working on this past week. today it is too hot and humid to do much out there. I slapped some paint on a few small projects and then came inside to cool off. It did rain a bit today but nothing to write home about.

Take care, stay cool

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Rosemary said...

You have been a busy girl.
I love your projects. I wish I could go garage saling with you sometime.

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