Tuesday, July 24, 2007

wonderful magazine

If you get a chance to pickup this magazine don't pass it up.
The Fall 2007 Issue of BH&G Do it Yourself features several easy to do and T2T projects for your home. I'm always happy to see something new and this issue has it. From the 4 great weekend projects on page 7 to turning an old entertainment center into a laundry center on page 88. I especially love the home featured on Page 30. This home features an old door into a shelf, a great post mounted clock along with several other T2T projects. There is a primer on stenciling onto a wall, as well as instructions to several other projects. There is a great whimsical room on page 48 that uses, among other things, Old Drums as end tables. And on page 68 is an article on turning cardboard tubes into accessories for your home. Some of these are really clever. So pick it up if you can. I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for the heads up - I sometimes pass those up because it seems like they are a little more expensive, but if it has enough good projects in it, that makes it definitely worth $7 or however much it is! I will keep an eye out for it at my next trip to the store...

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the tip.
You can use my picture of that china plate on the frame, if you want to.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Got it and now I had to read it while looking at your blog--tee-hee! Good recommendation--I am a magazine-a-holic and so often I am disappointed, but this issue really does have some great new ideas!

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