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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back to Junking

Junking is great therapy, and I have been working on a project these past couple of days "as therapy". When I'm in the barn I really think of nothing else. On Sunday DH and I picked up this great window at Pandora's box. See Post on 9/17. I've had my eye on these for years, literally years and we finally decided to get it.

We are painting it white and it will go on the front side of our barn. So I've painted a coat last night and tonight. Also on Sunday, on our way to Pandora's Box we passed a sale and stopped. I picked up these wonderful bottles (for future projects), these Wooden letters (there is something about letters), and these apple baskets.

I think I'm going to fill some of the baskets with Fall Gourds for a Fall Display. Maybe get some Mums etc. I've never really decorated outside for Fall, but I think I will this year. But It's too early, still in the 90's here. Well That is all for tonight. Again Thanks everyone for your Thoughts and Prayers. All is well.


Nicole said...

Beautiful window! You always find the neatest things!!!

Love your other finds too!
I know what you mean about letters! They're my newest favorite! ;o)

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I love that window. You always seem to find the very best stuff.
Have fun with it.
Still in the 90's, yuck. It has cooled off here, and it feels like Fall. I was just thinking of going and getting some mums for the front yard.
Have a fun day!

Annette said...

I love the window! I just stoped at a barn sale today and bought 11 windows (though not as cool as yours) for only $5.00. I am so excited!

Margo said...

Great Buy, Annette

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