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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Game For Monday

I'm bored, I took an allergy pill and it has zapped my energy. I'm just walking around mello, without any energy to do anything but eat. Not good. Margo doesn't do mellow, I'm either full speed ahead or asleep. So in an effort to spice things up I decided to play a game with you.

Take a look at this pic of some of my junk, and see how many things you can identify. There is no prize, just a little entertainment. Maybe one of you will know how to spell "euscheon" :)

Hints, almost everything is metal, if it's not it's obvious. Some things are only partially visible. I hope you enjoy, be sure to post your answers.


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Okay--door plates, faucets, wooden finial, metal hook, metal finial (?) glass bottles, measuring stick, and I can't remember the rest and if I go back to look, I will lose this part of my post. With my fragile memory cells, that is too risky! Someone else will have to pick it up from here Ü!

misselaineous said...

Monday game, huh? Ok...folding ruler,faucet & 3 faucet handles, coathook & maybe a lantern hook, key ESCUTCHEON..TaaDaa..had to dust off Websters for that one ;o)..spoon, doorknocker, caster, 3 old bottles, a gear, curtain rod finial, wood bullseye piece, bread baking pans holding all the goodies, & some pieces of metal that are real stumpers..Elaine

Margo said...

Great Guesses, but you've both left a few things out. :) Keep the guesses coming.

Rosemary said...

Too tired to guess today. I have been going nonstop on wedding stuff.
I will try to guess later.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

wooden rosette, butterfly, doorknob, rooster...

Margo said...

OK, here's the list I compiled.
Outdoor Faucet, Folding Ruler, Spoon, Metal butterfly, Knob and backplate, Door knocker, broken hook, metal rooster, finial, 3 Faucet Knobs, 3 bottles, Clock Gear, Escutcheon plates, hook, door lock assembly, Wooden Rosette, the other metal stuff is misc lamp parts.

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