Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Interesting Things

I've been doing some internet window shopping today and I've run across some really cool stuff.
The doormat above was particularly appropriate as it is German for "the Barn is full", and it is.
Here are some of the other cool items I found.

This is an eraser with an appropriate label, boy could I use this at work. Well actually I just use the Backspace key a lot. You can find this product here

And also this great poster

Based on an actual war time poster that was displayed in England. I love the graphic, and the crown.

Now here is what I was hunting for when I found all these great things.

What a great platter. So that is what I've been doing today. Oh I did do a little Junking. I went back to the "pile" store. but I didn't do any big sorting. I was able to look through a ton of old photographs that were recently removed from a storage unit, and found lots of good ones. But I didn't get them, as the owner wants to put them on ebay. But I was able to tell her which ones I thought would sell. Then I went to a store I'd heard about down the street, and got 4 old sewing drawers for a great price and I'll be making this

soon. Stay tuned for that one.


Rosemary said...

You found some great stuff online today.
I love the red sewing drawers.

Alice Regan said...

Isn't online shopping the greatest. I love all the goodies you found, especially the sign with the the saying!

Anonymous said...

I love that poster.

I need that poster.


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