Sunday, September 9, 2007

Really Cool dishes

OK, I'm going to wander off of the T2T trail a bit here, but stay with me, because there is a great T2T product buried in this post.
I love dishes, now this is kinda strange, because I hate to cook.
Mostly I love the bright and deep colors of modern fiestaware. I have quite a collection.

But I'm not exclusive to Fiesta, There are a bunch of colorware lines out there that have great colors. Longaberger has some great colors in their pottery collections.

Do you see the relish dish and the pumpkin colored platter behind. Those are both Longaberger items.
Now recently I've become interested in some other dish and plate designs. Mostly via blogs I read I've become aware of Dishes with numbers on them and I love them. Here are some examples.

This is Rosanna's Party Raffle Line, unfortunately discontinued, but I've ordered a platter and we'll see if they still have it in stock.

These are by Christopher Jagman

view more here

I'll probably be getting this mug from Emma Bridgewater

You can see a full line of her products here

Then I stumbled upon these beauties

I guess I like the bold 2 color graphics.
view here

Now for the T2T, Sarah Cihat takes old dishes, and re-purposes them with bold graphics
see more
here. click the pictures on the right to see plates with those silhouettes.

These bowls are from Burleigh of Stoke-on-Trent

See more here

Well I've had trouble narrowing down what I want, but I found these yesterday and ordered them.
They are part of a discontinued line from
Check out her web site, there are some fabulous dishes on there. Again, I think it was the deep colors and bold graphics that attracted me to these.

And lastly I found these fun ceramic tags
on Etsy by Circa ceramics
I'll be getting at least a couple of tags, and maybe a magnet or 2. Maybe I'll add it to my Christmas Wish list, but my family may think I'm nuts.
So much for the "don't buy anything new resolution". Oh well, I made it to September.
Have a great day,


Rosemary said...

They are really cool dishes.
I love dishes too!! See we have a lot in common.
I love those black and white number ones. Wow!
I can't stop buying dishes.
Have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Margo, I'm not that into dishes, but saw some AWESOME ones the other day at a local shop. Google "barnyard toile" (which in itself is just a fun thing to say). I am soooo over toile, but these are fun!!! Love the black/white ones you've ordered too!


P.S. good luck with the barn sale next weekend; I'll be awaiting your posts and stories.

Raven said...

Cool! I really like the Rosanna's Party Raffle Line! What r u gonna do with the ceramic tags?

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