Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Back from Reunion

Well I'm back from my 25th High School Reunion, and WOW!!!! This was a great reunion, it was arranged by a different group than normally arranges the reunions and it was much more casual. Blue jeans were the attaire, and that was wonderful. I saw lots of old friends, and made some re-connections, and boy are some of my classmates still wild. After a few drinks, people can put on quite a show.
This is a pic of me with 2 girls that I went to Kindergarten with , and then all the way through High School.

We joked that we were all wearing black so we'd look thinner.

I stopped by a junk shop on the drive home and picked up a couple of old lamps with wooden bases that I'll use to make finials. And a chair back, that I'll post a pic of later, that I'm going to make into a shelf or something. I'll need your help deciding which side to use, both are great, but tone has flowers painted on it and the other doesn't.

Here a pic of some great bricks I saw at one of the Hwy 80 garage sales. I love how the moss has grown into the imprint. Just a little pretty for the day.

Have a great week, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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Alice Regan said...

Aren't reunions fun? I love that all three of you are in black...glad I'm not the only one who wears black most of the time! Love the bricks, never have seen any with a state name on them before.

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