Saturday, November 24, 2007

bling for your bottle

I have these great old chemistry bottles that have numbers on them. I put buttons in them and have them in my craft area. I got some chains, and charm bracelets and just draped them over the bottles to have a place to put them, but I really like how they are looking just sitting there on the bottles.

I've also seen bracelets displayed on upside down wine glasses as well as teapots. Makes them pretty to look at even when you aren't wearing them.

Since the weather here in East TX is so awful today. 40 degrees and rainy, I've been doing things inside. This evening I made a few jewelry items.

These are Swag Pendants and I'll be adding them to my Jewelry store soon.

These 2 pendants are made from bits and pieces of Items I've picked up at garage sales etc. I think they make cute pendants. Sorry the pics are blury.

Just so you will know, from now until Christmas, all jewelry orders over $10.00 will have free shipping.

I hope you've had a great Saturday, and stayed warm and dry.

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Simply Me Art said...

DagGonIt, I thought I was a Crazy Jewelry Maker, You are giving me a Run for my Money Girl.. Do you Sleep??? Everything is Gorgeous I love what you have been up too.. Jamie

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