Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catching some Sun

Well my first Prism project hit me yesterday morning. I have lots of door hardware, and, right now, no projects for it. So I decided to add some of those crystals/prisms to them and make me some sun catchers.

Ok, so I went a little crazy and made some more.

While I'm at it, maybe a small chandie for my bird cage.

maybe One more

Many of these are available in my store.
Have a day full of Sunshine


TinaTx said...

Those turned out great!

Sondra said...

Loving the suncatchers, Margo. The third set of pics from the top, the one on the right, def. my fav.!!!! But...loving them all. How about windchimes?????

Margo said...

Thanks Tina...

Sondra, Shhh! that's next.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were right about creating with the crystals. I love them all. I've taken your work space challenge, but I think I's my kitchen table, and I had cleaned it off before I started creating.

Anonymous said...

Love... love what you did with the door hardware... see I told you everything is better with prisms.
Are you bring those to First Monday to sell?
They would look mighty pretty... cute ...cute

pedalpower said...

Those are great! I buy weird stuff just for the crystals too.

Simply Me Art said...

I Love what you did. I have to come back and get one. I am not sure where to put it or which one... What a Great Idea, you are Killing me with your Craftiness....Jamie

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo,
Love these ideas!

p.s. I got my key chain today and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)


Rosemary said...

Love those Margo.

Anonymous said...

Margo - again - these are so pretty...

I was just looking at your site.. I use to sell Tomboy Tools too.... I have since moved on - but I am still a tool carrying member.. LOL

Small world

NJT - see ya on the boards!

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