Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Creative Spaces Challenge

I would like to challenge all of you creative gals to show your Creative Space. Not the usual, ready for a magazine cover, picture. But one that shows it the mess that it can become when the creative juices get flowing. LMK when you post your picture, and I'll pop over to look at it. Just for starters, here is my "indoor" creative space.

What a mess!!!!

Now for some of the creations. As you may know I make Earrings and other jewelry out of watch faces. Well when I've removed all the watch faces I end up with a lot of left over watch parts. What to do with them??? Well right now, I just mainly throw them in a box, but I am coming up with some creative ways to use some of that "trash".

In some of these, I've copied some old pictures I have and then cut a small enough piece and decopaged it inside of the glass of the Watch.
On other's I've used actual dried flowers, or scrapbook paper images. I'm doing some right now with old stamps and words from an old dictionary. The possibilities are endless, and I've got lots of these things. This is fun.

BTW If you like my jewelry you should see what my blog friend Jamie can do. She puts me to shame, and actually, inspires me more than you could know.
See her blog
here, and then pop over to her Etsy shop to see her beautiful creations.


Vee said...

I get the sense that nothing goes unused in your world.

Your work space is great. I'm jealous.

Margo said...

Vee, My family of 4 +2 dogs, makes so much trash you wouldn't believe.

When we were working on our house, that space was puzzling to us. It was along a wall that is slanted. What to put there? finally it hit me. Cabinets, work top and voila, Sewing Center. Well Sewing has taken a backseat these days, and now it's a craft space. Good use of dead space.

TinaTx said...

Looks like a good use of space to me! Now, I might expect to see a roll of paper towels there, but I wasn't expecting the roll of TP! Too funny!

As you may recall - I don't have a nice space to spread out like that at my house so it is usually all over the living room floor and/or the kitchen table and/or the dining room table - get the picture? LOL

Later girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

I see your 'messy' creative space and I raise you one! Don't think I have the nerve to post that pic though! lol

p.s. that was not that messy!!

Margo said...

Tina, about the TP. You see this space is right next to a bathroom. When I needed something to wipe off some glue, TP was the closest thing:)

Joy, Common Let's see it.

Simply Me Art said...

OH, Margo, You are So Darn Sweet to do that Plug for me! I am so touched with the Crappy Week I have been Having it makes me feel so much better. Thank you, Oh, Boy I will Post on my Creative Space and You all will go Running...Great Idea check my blog later today or tomorrow.I swear my house is Neat and tidy unlike my Work Place... Yours looks Great to me...Jamie

Anonymous said...

I could NEVER show MY space. Yours is so attractive! Mine is old doors lying on old filing cabinets. It gets the job done, but...

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I just cleaned up my mess before I read yours and Jamie's blog.
I will take a picture for you next time I have a mess.

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Your creations are amazing!

My mess is such a mess, you literally can't walk more than 4' into the room. It's been a catch-all for several months now with no straightening. Sigh. I wanna be creative too, but can't seem to get past getting the house cleaned up and the store ready to open.

Anonymous said...

I love the charms you've created from the old watch faces!


Alice Regan said...

Love all the pieces that you are showing. You are very inspiring. I also love the idea of sharing pictures of your not so neat creative spaces. I just posted a few pictures of my mess a few weeks back.

Vickie said...

Margo - I changed my name from Victoria's Cottage to Sand Flat Farm - Love all your new projects with the jewelry. I went to Canton last time, and dragged the hubby with me. I wanted to come and see your stuff and your booth but we were clear on the other side and he said, I'm ready to go.

I need to come alone next time! Vickie

pedalpower said...

The watches make a perfect frame..glass and all. Great idea!

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