Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Truce of 1914

I found out about this as I was watching a show about Christmas movies. In the winter of 1914 as WWI was in it's early days. Soldiers... English, German, French, and others, Stopped fighting and started singing Christmas Carols. The trenches were close enough to each other that soon both sides began singing together. This lead to the soldiers actually coming out of the trenches, meeting in the middle (no man's land), exchanging gifts of candy and food that had been sent from their various homes, sharing cigarettes, and even soccer games. These were young men, acting on their own. Men who had been shooting at each other the day before and would shoot at each other again, but for that day... they played soccer, and exchanged gifts. The Christmas truce of 1914 was a spontaneous event, that has not occurred since, but is a testimony to the power of Christmas. The one thing each side had in common was Christmas- traditions, songs, families... This commonality brought them together, if only for a little while. I encourage you to read this article about the
Christmas Truce, for more information. There is also a French movie made about the event called Joyeux Noel. Here's a link to the
english language version.

May the Joy and Peace of the Season fill your homes and hearts,


Anonymous said...

This movie is great! I think I saw an American version of the film, too, but I can't find it on Google.

Rosemary said...

I didn't know about that one Margo.
Very cool!

sherri said...

I just found your Blog this Christmas Eve day from my friend Fifi - I have really enjoyed my visit here! I was not aware of the Christmas Truce - what a remarkable true story - I immediately went to the link and read the entire page. It was fascinating to read. Merry Christmas to you!!
xo Sherri

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