Saturday, March 1, 2008

Roadside Acquisitions

This is bulk trash week in my town, or should I say, Curb shopping week. Today DH and I found this lot just with a tiny bit of driving.

There are 4 table legs, and 2 drawer fronts. Just imagine those fronts painted white, and then sanded to reveal the dimension and then, perhaps a luggage pocket, or hooks for coats etc on them.
Who knows what I'll use the table legs for.
Then we stopped by my booth and DH took these pics

See the shirt, it says "JUNK gotta have it". I got it last month in Canton.

Then we stopped by another mall in town where I picked up this great hotel luggage tag.
which I promptly added to my "travelers" room, and then of course a picture needed to be taken.

Since i was in the artsy picture mood I
decided to take a pic of my vintage hanger collection

This room is doubling right now as inventory storage, so I even shot a pic of the mess

I'm still in the Lazy mood, so that was my Saturday, very unproductive. I did go out into the barn and straighten up a bit.
Take Care


Vee said...

You've done a lot of work at your booth. It's looking really good!

My town doesn't allow any dump picking and when we have clean-up week, we'd be fined for taking things. Good thing that your town has more sense.

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Dear Margo,my daughter and I were in Tyler this past week and stopped in the mall. I purchased the little green cabinet from you. I applied some paper to the inside and aged it more. It turned out so cute. My daughter really loved all your creations.
Neat stuff you found on the curb. I am sure you will turn them into something great.


Anonymous said...

"Curb shopping" - love it! Great finds as always Margo! :)


TinaTx said...

Great finds, Margo! Glad you are enjoying your little break. Now, if you have that barn all straight wanna come work on my garage?

Lets do lunch soon.

bs honey said...

Hey, Margo. Love all of your finds and how you turn then into treasures. You are a great read. Keep 'em coming.

regina barnett said...

Hi, My Mother and I.. made a stop in Tyler to look at your lovely creations in your booth. LOVE.. LOVE.. it very much. You have such good taste in things. We only live about 15 miles from Tyler in a little town called Arp.

Simply Me Art said...

Oh, I Adore the disgarded goodies. Love the Tshirt too.. Pink is a Great color for you..

Alice Regan said...

Oh, I love what you found 'curb' shopping. I wish they would do that in my town. Can't wait to see what you do with your finds. Your booth is looking great too! And, I love the t-shirt!

Dona said...

The booth looks great. And dumpster diving is so much fun, glad I'm not the only one. Some of the best finds are on the curb.


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