Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some finished projects (or almost finished)

here are a few items I've picked up over the past few months and ... what I've done with them.

Remember this Window I picked up last weekend and those legs I found in the trash?
We'll they've been married

I plan to hang prisms from the metal corner pieces when I get my order in..

Now remember this table bottom? And the Blue shelf there too.

I've added some scrap wood to the top and made it a ligitimate table again.
I will be sealing the top (due to lead paint) and possibly dry brushing a few areas white. This will be a piece for my booth. Oh did I mention that I'm moving into a larger booth space in April?

Now for that blue bookshelf. When in doubt paint it white.

And I've added a little margo touch (embellishments) to it and added a back.

Now for some shopping
I went into Hobby Lobby today for just one little thing, right. Well I wondered down too many other isles and came home with this gem.

I love the dimension to this piece, and the colors are perfect for my house

and it was half price

Then I found this little gal

I think I'll use her in my bathroom to hang necklaces from. She was also half price.
did I get the item I went for? No, they didn't have a stencil that I liked :(
But I do love what I brought home.
Ta Ta, I've got to go hang my star.


Joy said...

You are an inspiration to me. I love what you can do with other peoples trash. Thanks for helping me decide to start my own blog. I'd love to have you visit at joysofhome.blogspot.com

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

As usual, I love your projects. I really need to learn how to use some power tools! I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw that star. It is beautiful!

Simply Me Art said...

Wow, Great Finds and I Love what you did with everything...

sassafrass said...

Hi Margo, I have been reading your blog for several months now. I am so inspired by your upbeat outlook, your endless energy, and your obvious love of people. I have been a junker for many years, and am so happy to find you and you have led me to many other wonderful bloggers. For many years I told people that my house was furnished with "Early Garage Sale";-]. Thankyou so much, Jan

Vee said...

Love everything you've done...especially the shelf and table. The star that you found at Hobby Lobby is fantastic!

Shirlee said...

OMG! I visit your blog often to see what creative endeavour you're up to. But imagine my surprise when I see that you bought the exact same star that I have hanging in my LR/DR. (it's even on my blog post from yesterday).
We don't have Hobby Lobby in Canada, I bought mine at Homesense about a month ago and it was the only one they had.
Such great taste you have!!

Love the shelf, I'm always on the lookout for shelving.

Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

You never stop do you?! :)

p.s The sign that hangs in my livingroom "Change for Richmond Line" is just one of many pieces (orginally from England) that hubby and I bought not far from here in an antiques barn. All old - and all enameled. So fab! Good eye to notice it! :)


Alice Regan said...

I love it all...especially the star.

Rosemary said...

Wow Margo,
I love both tables!!!
The shelf looks great too.
Have fun hanging your star!

TinaTx said...

They are all great, but I love that was blue, now white shelf!
I'm hoping to have time tomorrow to check in on your booth.

Joy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It was so nice of you to leave a comment.
Happy creating!

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