Friday, July 25, 2008

Running into Friends

It is not uncommon for me to run into Sand Flat Farm Vickie when I'm out shopping the sales on Thursday's and Friday's. And We've "accidentally" met at one both this week and last week. As a matter of fact she wrote about our accidental meeting in her last blog entry. We must be on the same schedule. And today I ran into Stitchin Tina when I went up to my booth to remove an item I had sold on-line. Then I took Tina to a store in town that I had just found. They have some great displays and I've got permission to come back next week and take some pictures. I always love bumping into fellow junkers while I'm out. I actually met Tina because of blogging and Vickie I met when she came to my Barn sale last year, and then she began reading my blog. Now she blogs as well.
While out shopping the sales yesterday, besides meeting up with Vickie I was able to pick up a few interesting things.
These great old coffee cans with wonderful graphics.

I'll be listing them on ebay tomorrow.

I found this great architectural piece, nice and chippy, and
4 old sewing drawers in their frames. I'm hoping to make another end table for the
upcoming barn sale.
Have a great weekend.


Country French Antiques said...

Love the architectural piece!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!

lovesoldstuff said...

I love that architectural piece too! What a great find. It would be great as a long shelf or mantel shelf with a couple of old chippy corbels as brackets.

Ki said...

Hello Margo!

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