Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shop #3 Gatherings Georgetown, TX

We'll get to Shop #3 in a second. First I want to share a momentous occasion. The Post Cards for my sale arrived today!!!!! I'm real pleased with how they turned out. I guess the dates are now "set in stone".

Now Back to the tours:
Another Must See, on Teresa's list was Gatherings at 1009 S Austin Ave in Georgetown.
The minute you step in to this wonderful store you are greeted with glorious displays,

Interesting Objects

And Eye Candy at every turn

Most of the items belong to the store, but there are a few other dealers there as well.

These folks have a knack for finding interesting objects

and using them in interesting ways

Be sure to stop in there if you are ever in Georgetown Tx
Tomorrow, another Georgetown shop.


Unknown said...

As usual, great photos and ideas! Don't forget to put your sale on Craigs List and make reference to RoboLady, etc. I only wish I lived closer...(sigh)!


Elle Jay Bee said...

All you girls make me sooo jealous! I so wish I could come to a sale with you...waahhh!!!!


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

All of these photos are making me drool! :) Such inventive displays. Your sale postcards are too cool--I love the scale!


Rosemary said...

Very cool stuff Margo.
I love those cardboard cones in the rack. I could make something out of those.
I would love to visit Texas sometime.

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