Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 2, At the Junk Bonanza

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but I think that is wrong. I think everything is bigger in Minnesota. You'll see what I mean later, but Ki sure knows how to throw a BIG party, let me tell you!!!!

The day started early, Breakfast at 6:30 and out the door at 7:15. If you'll read Stacey's blog, you'll see that few of us got a sneak preview the evening before, and that was a real treat. So I knew where I wanted to go when I got in there.
So after grabbing my goodie bag, with these great samples, some coupons and a copy of Country Home Magazine.

I was after some small pieces. I was still under the delusion that I wasn't going to utilize the truck. Ha!

After making these purchases, I realized I was close to, a message board friend, Marge's booth. So I stopped by to say "hi"

She had some real cute stuff, and she was sharing a booth with the Pfarkel Sisters, so of course we had to take a group shot.

they had this great lamp

I wanna know what kind of basket that is on there.
Then I began to wonder around, there was so much to see

And all the displays were beautiful. It wasn't long till I found myself at the booth of Mustard Moon, I recognized Jane from Ki's blog and had to say hi, and of course I purchased a few things.

Now we come to the "every thing's bigger" part of the story.
I'm drawn to over sized things, no jokes please.
Take a look at these larger than life offerings throughout the bonanza.

These really large lamp shades greeted us in the Western Room. I love how they are Junk'd up.

Summerspell's Booth had this oversized can opener and a large teapot.

I think a giant would need to use these 2 items.

and of course a clock, I loved this and the price wasn't bad. But I did NOT buy it. I promised myself "No clocks"
While I was looking at this clock, Ki happened to walk by and the owner of the booth took our picture

This booth and clock were shown by Karen Franke of the vintage Cupboard, Rogers MN.

I still haven't been out to the tent so I headed out there, and met Cheryl Woodward with Tomboy Tools. Cheryl and I were acquainted, but had not met before.

See me holding that great drill. I had a chance to use it and Let me tell you I loved it. It is made for a woman's hands and is not as heavy as the drill I'm currently using. I can also see that it would be good for getting into tight spots. And it has plenty of power and torque. If you haven't checked out Tomboy tools yet, you should, and Book a party.

Later in the day I got to meet Joan Steffend at the Tomboy tools booth.

This is a group pic with several members of our group, collectively know as "the red shed girls".
Heading back to the main building, I spot this large wonderful piece

I told you everything's bigger in Minnesota.
And it looks like someone has bought the clock

Here are some of my purchases, most items are in bags or boxes so you'll have to wait till I pick it all up from the truck to see better pics.
I love this little scooter

You can see my scooter, a chippy type tray, some round baskets and a few old street signs there. There is much more, it's just inside the bag. Only one of those bags is mine.

Loading some stuff in the Van.
We met at the adjoining restaurant and can you believe Ki came down for a visit.

this is her Son, He loves his mom.

He took a very late flight from CA to come help his mom out. What a good son.
This is Dr Amy, she won the contest for the t-shirt over on Ki's blog

You can read more about what Dr Amy is doing by reading her blog and the Red Shed Girls It's pretty interesting.

Here we are sorting out the truck, this would be one of several times we sorted out this truck.

Well that is most of day 1, I encourage you to visit some of the other blogs that have stories about the trip. I'm going to try and get a list together. If you were there and have blogged about it, be sure to Let me know. Please excuse all type-o's and grammar errors, I'm really tired.


Unknown said...

I'll bet you really ARE tired, but it all looks like so much fun!

Vickie said...

Wish I could've gone! It looks so fun! I'm surprised ya'll didn't take an 18-wheeler home to hold all your great junk!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

What a great post! Love seeing some of what you bought at the JB. THe numbers are so cool! So fun to see your pics, can't wait to get copies of everything :)! Get some rest, I know I'm going to bed early tonight!!


Elle Jay Bee said...

It has been so fun taking the tour of all of the bloggers who attended the Bonanza! Oh, the goodies I spotted in the background. I'm green with envy!!


Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Wow! Looks like all of you had a junktabulous time! I'll bet you're tired, but looks like it was worth it!!!

csudderth said...

Hey roommate--great summary of day 2. I've loved reading your and Stacey's blogs about our trip. I'd already forgotten some of the great junk treasures we bought the 2nd day. Can't wait to get to the Red Shed and rediscover all of my treasures and bring them home. Keep the pics and stories coming.
Love Christy

mim shaffer said...

Ki's son looks like Matt Damon...

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Great pictures, Margo! I would have liked to have taken more pictures, but it was busy and that was good. Sorry we weren't able to meet, too. I saw you a couple times (recognized you from your pictures), but was talking with someone else, and then you were gone:( Maybe next year. Hope you had fun! Lani

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