Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 2

It was another good day today. Not as many buyers today, lots of "garage salers" and I didn't have what many of them were looking for. But I did get a few people who "got it" and was able to hit a $$$ milestone today. One more day to go and then I'm done.
Now I remember why I only do this once a year, it's a lot of work, but It's enjoyable work too. I really love meeting the people. and I'm glad some of my bigger items have found new homes, and I don't have to continue to store them.

One of the things I did this year was to set up an information table.
I have some tomboy tools brochures set out, and many have been picked up.

I have some textile soak for sale

and I have cards and maps of other local antique shops. And "sign up" slips for my every growing mailing list.

Another thing I did this year, was to make "idea cards" so that people would see the potential in certain items.

I've sold all my glove molds except this last one.
I'll give a final update tomorrow or Sunday, It's been fun, but I am very tired.


Unknown said...

Besides being tired, you must be somewhat relieved to now have the "extra" space available for more NEW junque projects! ;) I'm glad the sale is going so great for you!

Vickie said...

I know you're beat! Sounds like you had a good sale tho. I'll be anxious to hear more - have a good restful weekend! Vickie

Vee said...

It'll be good to relax I'm sure. And you'll be relaxing with a good bit of funds and the new found space. Good combination!

Ki said...

Love your idea cards! I used to try to do idea lists for the customers at the JunkMarket sales and always left the task to the very end...more often than not, they never got done. Great idea!

Enjoy the people and sell lots!

Simply Me Art said...

Girl you must be Exhausted!! I have to say not only are you creative but your eye on Detail is really wonderful. Good luck for the last day...

Eve said...

When I sold on eBay, I was always amazed at what would sell and what wouldn't. I would list an old mexican, wooden lamp and it would sell for $80 or something like that and my beautiful china would sit there. Amber colored glass for some reason would not sell at all. I love amber colored things. They gobbled up old chalkware and left my pretty vases and lamps without a home. It's a crap shoot I tell you. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I see the locks in the drawer - and they are the perfect color too!....

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