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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mindy at Primitiques-n-Poetry

After my visit with Kevin May (see previous post) I headed to Mindy's place in a little town called Poetry, that is basically part of Terrell, Texas.
I plugged the address into my GPS and headed down the road, full of confidence that this was going to be easy. After traveling through a maze of back country roads I finally found

Knowing she was inside, I parked next to the old windmill and headed in. I was first intrigued by all the great doors and stuff stacked outside.

turn to the left, just past the baby ducks and you'll see Mindy's place

her place has a definite Primitive slant and It's a stash of wonderful finds

This little stove is only about 18" tall

Wonderful old retro lamps

I so wanted this little door, it's only about 2 feet tall. Isn't it so cute

More of the stuff outside

It was a great place Mindy, sorry we were unable to meet up, but I know all about those "real jobs". Mindy has an online Garage Sale every Saturday to raise money for her trip to Round Top in the Spring. Be sure to pop over there and see what she's selling. After leaving her place, I punched the "home" button on my GPS and this is where the adventure began. It lead me down more country roads, and telling me to turn right when there was no road going right. But I finally found my way back to I20 which takes me home.

Junk Fever is catching.

I found this wonderful creation the other day in my office courtesy of my DH. What a fun thing to do with these old folding rulers. I've seen stars, and crowns, even photo easels, but never a fan. Thanks for the inspiration Roger. I told him it was "blog worthy".


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I've been so close to Mindy's place but always in a hurry. I'm going to have to plan a trip real soon!

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Margo,looks like that shop is a fun place to visit..wanted to say thanks for your prayers,I'm doing good!Your booth at "My little Corner"is awesome. I hope you do very well there....


Vee said...

Oh yes it is blog worthy...everything is...

Looks as if you Texans have a lot of places to shop for your junkin' needs. It always makes me wish that we did. Our local flea market is so overpriced it's ridiculous.

Mindy said...

Margo, I'm so sorry I missed you! Thank you so much for your kind words and wow! You got some great pictures! We'll have to meet up after I get some new stuff in. ~Mindy

Elle Jay Bee said...

What a fun tour of Mindy's shop! I'm with you - I want that little door. Do you suppose she'd ship to Canada?? Too bad you didn't get to meet up. Mindy is a great lady who alsways leaves me such kind comments. I'd love to meet her, too!

Thanks for the tour, Margo, I love coming here for junkin' inspiration, and I only wish I had so many hot spots to choose my junk from!

Have a great week,

Anonymous said...
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Barbara said...

Margo, I am always looking for Texas Bloggers and places for my friend, Sharon and I to have a road trip. I am happy to find you and hope one day we can get over to your place, we don't live that far and we go to Tyler from time to time.


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