Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Road Trip Part 3, Marta's Room

Marta's Room Belton Texas
One of the things I've learned, when shopping in unfamiliar areas, is to ask shop owners where more places are. After shopping at a place in Salado, we asked the owner if he might know of some true junking locations. He directed us to a flea market, and said it was "hit or miss". We'll let's just say it was "miss" this time, But on the way we passed a curious shop. DH said "we'll hit that on our way back" and so we did.

It was Marta's Room

I walked in and knew immediately that is was a place you would all want to read about.

I went to find the owner and ask if I could take some pictures. Ready to explain all about blogging as I usually do. As I approached and Said "are you the owner?" She turned around and responded with "You're Margo!" Well I was double shocked at being "recognized" and then pleased that I could just ask about pictures without having to explain myself. And then Marta said something that made her my instant new BFF.
"You're tiny!" she exclaimed "pictures really do add pounds". Thanks Marta, I needed that. So there you have it strait from Marta. I'm tiny!!!!!! :)
Just so we are clear on this point, I am NOT tiny, I am the biggest I've ever been and not feeling too good about it :(

Marta is a long time lurker and blog reader. She has been written about several times on other blogs, but I must have missed it, because this shop was a sweet surprise to me.

Here are some more shots of Marta's place. Be sure to stop by if you are ever driving around in Belton Texas. Directions are at the bottom.

Here I am in the pink room

I loved all her pink things
And she doesn't just do white and cream and pink There is a Red Room, Blue room and even a black room. All beautifully done.

Look at these beautiful pearls, draped over an old drying rack

Her displays were wonderful and lovely to look at

She's got a real talent

I'd love to have her come and work on my spaces

Marta is very friendly and will be happy to chat with you about her love of junk and things old.

Be sure to tell her you read about her here, if you stop by.
Marta's Room is located at 5571 W hwy 190 #75, Belton TX 76513
Take G Wilson Exit, go east on service road, 1 block on the right.
Hrs: Tues-Thurs 10:30-5
Sat 12-3

Tomorrow: My finds


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Margo, I've blogged about Marta before, I guess you missed it. She does have a good eye.

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Margo,bet you felt like a celebrity(smile)..Of course,I love the "Red Room" the best....all the Raggedy love....thanks for giving us a tour...


Rosemary said...

Wow Margo,
Great place!! I would love to shop there. How cool to be such a celebrity!!
Glad you visited my blog.
Chat soon,

Riverwood Primitives said...

Wonderful! Would love to visit some day.

trash talk said...

You're gonna have to start carrying around 8x10 glossies! What a lovely thrill to have instant recognition, although I'm not surprised. You've got a lot of fans!
Her shop is gorgeous with all the pinks. What girl doesn't have a secret obsession with pink?
I think I'll tell everybody the camera adds 40 lbs. to my photos. Think anyone will believe me? BTW, you ARE tiny!

Anonymous said...

Love to see the pictures and the post about the shop. More than that love getting to meet you. I bet we can talk for hours, you know, junker to junker, so nice talking to other talented ladies that "get it". Hopefully we'll see each other again, after all Texas is not that big (ja, ja)so many shows, so many places to go...Blessings, Marta.

suzeeez said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Marta's .... her shop is beautiful. Now I wish I lived close enough to visit there.
:o) Sue

Tina said...

So inspiring!!

David said...

Well, of course you're tiny! And a celebrity to boot! Been following along on your road trip and decided it was time I comment. The pictures are great! Thanks for taking us along!

Vee said...

Lovely shop! Wonderful for you to be recognized. Oh, following Marta's logic, I'll just say hello, Tiny, from "Not That Big."

Mary said...

The world is getting smaller and smaller with blogland, fun that you were recognized.
I would love to visit this shop if I ever get to Texas, (it's on my list of places to go)...the pink shelf made my heart go pitter patter! Thanks for the tour.

Its So Very Cheri said...

OK I NEEED to go there-I am lovin' her place.

Come by for my GIVE-A-WAY this week by 10 pm Fri.
and then check out our newest addition.


Vickie said...

Ok, all you other people - I have actually had lunch several times WITH MARGO and do a little junking WITH MARGO from time to time. You may touch my hand if you want. MARGO & I are friends and we TALK. And yes, MARGO IS tiny and I feel like an Amazon around her, but she is very sweet and doesn't mention it or point it out at all!

Nice finds, Margo, I really like that utensil holder thingie. I need to come to Athens...

cindy said...

Yes Marta's is fantastic. She is the queen of vignette/display.
Another great place down the road from her is Hosanna House on 6th St in Belton, TX. Open Thur, Fri and Sat.

Mindy said...

I love Marta's Room! Nah...I've never been, nor have I blogged about it. I heard about her here. From you! Did you get the pearl M? I love all those pearls! Great find, tiny Margo! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

Margo, I live in Belton and visit Marta's Room often. She has even let me give two tea parties for about 16 women in her store that was beautiful and fun. She let everyone wear her hats, jewelry, pearls, tiaras, etc. I loved all your pictures. Ann wwww.annmontgomery.biz

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