Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Excited about Flea Market Style Magazine

The Excitement is building as the day approaches for Flea Market Style magazine to hit the stand.

Last May I was able to take Ki on a tour of a local flea market, and it was the first feature assigned for the magazine. I've been tempering my excitement ever since.

I've seen the photo's, I've read the article and I've been teased with other articles and news from the magazine.

Right now the FMS blog has a great post with more teasers about the upcoming release, and yes even some pics. Pop over there and give it a look, I can't wait. Starting Feb 23 you'll see this great new magazine on news stands.
And maybe a surprise or two as well ;)
If this is how 2010 starts I can't wait for the year to get in full swing Woo Hoo!!

Below is part of an article I wrote for the FMS Blog about my experiences shopping with Ki-it was such fun.


Since we are sharing behind-the-scenes stories, I thought I’d share mine about what it is like to shop with Ki Nassauer.

Now, I must start out by saying that this is a dream of mine. I’d been reading Ki’s column in Country Home for many, many years. I was one of the first members of the American Junk Club, and am an all-around Ki “wannabe”. Out of the blue a few years ago, I emailed her and suggested that she come to shop at a local flea market near my town. After getting to know Ki over the last year, she finally took me up on my offer.

Well, it just so happened that our jaunt to the flea market was scheduled at the exact same time that Flea Market Style was given the green light. So, our little shopping trip turned into a full feature for the magazine (insert happy dance here). My son happens to be a photographer, so we dragged him along on our little trip to photo document it all for the magazine.
Yep, I’m just a little bit proud!

The first thing you need to know about Ki is that she NEEDS her coffee, and is rarely seen without a coffee cup in her hands.

Ki also loves dogs, and any puppy in her path required a stop - to rub bellies, ears, and talk a little baby talk before shopping could continue.

Not to mention the autograph signing and chatting with her fun and wonderful fans:

Full of fun, Ki is never too busy to cut up and act silly with vendors and/or their more eclectic wares...

Back to shopping: Ki is a pro; she knows what she wants pictures of, knows how she wants it to look, and that is her focus. But she also loves to visit with the vendors - which is necessary when you are writing a story about a flea market and its vendors. I, on the other hand, am a power shopper! I am used to covering lots of ground in the shortest amount of time, with my sights on the finish line. No stopping to smell the roses for me! But knowing that I was a tour guide, I toned it down and let Ki set the pace. Good thing too... but there was so much ground we didn’t even get to cover!

So we shopped, visited, partied, ate, and took lots of pictures which you will see when the magazine comes out. I think you’ll be very impressed with the beautiful shots and wonderful junk we found, and with the vendors we got to know.


Tina said...

I'm really soooo very excited too.
Can't wait!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I am SO looking forward to this magazine, too- with such a great group of people working on it, how could it be anything but GREAT?! It'll be fun to see your flea market expedition!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Very excited the magazine is about to become a reality! Looks like you had a great time. Love the story!
Linda M.

Vickie said...

I'm looking forward to this magazine, too, Margo. I need an autograph from you whenever your issue comes out!

Any sales going on? I need to have another one at my inlaw's house. I haven't been to any since way before Christmas, haven't even checked the paper. I'm getting the itch again!

Kudzu said...

can't wait!

Vee said...

Interesting to read the differences in your styles of shopping. I never would've thought that such a go-getter would have time to "smell the roses," but it's reassuring somehow to know that she does. I am so looking forward to this new magazine.

ann at greenoak said...

cant wait to see it!!!
fun pics margo....

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