Friday, April 30, 2010

Sorry I've been AWOL this week

Life does sometimes get in the way of blogging.

But I have had a little time to junk and wanted to share a few fun finds with you.

Above, the pic is not any good, but I got this wonderful metal rusty retro cabinet with shelves inside, and a great old green chippy sewing machine base. I usually pass on those, but this one was a beautiful chippy green.
Below, Now what am I going to do with 2 red tiller blades???? I've got no idea.

Below, this is a tree someone made out of old rebar and nuts and bolts
It'll be great for christmas ornaments

I had this item at the Gresham Sale, It's old rusty metal fencing made into some sort of garden art, maybe for a trellis. I just loved it.

This is agreat old base to a bird bath, boy is that sucker heavy. And 2 metal things, not sure what they are for.

DH wants to keep this bird house, needs a little repair, but it's great.

Today I found this box of old medicine viles painted by the lady having the sale. I'm going to make them into necklace pendants. More perfume bottles and a few other trinket items. An old clock vase and some junk jewelry.

Closer look at those glass viles. I love finds like this.

DH has me busy this week staining our deck and power washing pollen off of everything. So off to work I go.


Nank said...

The tall metal things that you don't know what they are? I am not certain exactly what they are but I use them to display vintage hats! PERFECT! Dress them up any way you choose and put a hat on top. Or just leave them like they are. They work great!

Prior said...
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Prior said...

I can see those making great pendants... You've got some cool junk! Lezlee

Jan said...

Great stuff as usual! Those bottles will make really good pendants!

Unknown said...

Fun Junk!

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