Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bachman's Fall Idea House

The Bachman's Idea house is just next to the Bachman's Flagship store in Minneapolis. Ki has been under contract with Bachman's for about a year now consulting with them about including vintage "junk" in their home decor department. In addition to this she has consulted on the Idea House. They have changed up the design for each season, and will be unveiling their Holiday House
in November.

Outside you are greeted by this beautiful Gazebo made from vintage chippy columns.
In the potting shed, there are lots of junk re-purposed items

Inside I was greeted by several other visitors from the bonanza and we posed for this picture. Pictured are Linda & Diane "The Barn Chicks" and Missy, Cassie, Andrea, & Lynette of Junk-Fest, and Tamara of Shabby vintage Junk.

Each room had a lot of great ideas for reusing "junk"

You could definitely see Ki's signature style in this house.

Love the wall art, and the lamp

What else would you use a tractor seat for, huh????

Loved this media room, numbers, globes and crates Oh my!

Extra rolls are handy :)

Great towel holders
This is only a small sampling of the projects in every room of this house. And the fun thing is, these projects are something everyone could do and it doesn't look kitschy.

As we were leaving, our new friends asked us to join them for lunch in the
Bachman's Bistro. Yes you can shop and EAT here, no need to leave.

We really enjoyed visiting and exchanging tips and stories. Can't wait to meet up again girls.

More Bonanza pics next post.
If you just can't wait, then hop over to the Junk Bonanza Blog. Jill is compiling a list of all bloggers who are talking about their JB trip.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a fun house, Margo~ I just visited it today and loved all the great ideas! I'll be doing a post soon, too!

RuthSMac. said...

Everything is beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

Gracie's Cottage said...

Wish Kath & I had made it to Bachman's...thanks for sharing the pics; it looks amazing. (Love, love, LOVE the "TP storage" scale!)


Cassie said...

Hi Margo! Great meeting you at the Bonanza and dining at Bachman's. Thanks for all the tips about Canton....hope to make it someday...will look you up!


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Margo wasn't it the BEST....I just ADORE the creativity that went into each room....I know I've said it a HUNDRED times but the house was so 'polished' it was BRILLIANT....All the junk fitted BEAUTIFULLY & there was nothing forced or 'wrong' about it at all....I SO wish I could visit the house to see EACH change....!!

Cheers from HDC Brenham TX,
Tamarah :o)

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

How fun is that house? I think my fav has to be the scales with the tp!

TruWhim said...

FUN, fun, fun. Thank you for sharing the pictures. This looks like an amazing place to spend some time.

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