Monday, September 27, 2010

Bonanza Projects

This is a collection of fun projects that I found at the Bonanza. I was not always good at jotting down whose space I found them in, so if you know who they belong to please let me know and I'll give full credit.

Old books turned into unique photo frames, made by the gals at Painted Porch inLaCrosse WI." The key is finding just the right title"

Flowers made from softball skin
by Sarah (Seasons in Carver)

Old Car handles used on a boys dresser found at the Bachman's Idea House.

Round Barn Potting Co. had this fun barbed wire junk tree above and this beautiful junky arrangement below.
by Lori Miller of Round Barn Potting Co

Love these Chenille Pumpkins

West end Salvage always has fun stuff like this coffee table above.

And this one is just for fun.

I hope you found some inspiration, and be sure to LMK if you know who I should credit on some of these projects, or if I got any of the credits wrong.


TruWhim said...

OOOOH- Thank you for showing pictures of this event. Some of us are unable to attend so it's nice to see pictures of all the great projects.

ooglebloops said...

Love the barbed wire tree!! I make barbed wire hearts, stars and ornaments in my shop -!

Mona Kay Gorman said...

Soooo creative!! Thanks for sharing - makes me feel like I was there!

Vicki said...

That junk arrangement is right up my alley. LOVE it.

Renee said...

Those softball flowers are so cool! Why on earth did I give all my softballs away?!!
I really want to go to next year's junk bonanza.

Anonymous said...

The softballs are from Sarah (Seasons in Carver) and the junk filled vase is Lori Miller of Round Barn Potting Co.

Margo said...

Thank you Anon, Corrections made.

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