Saturday, October 30, 2010


Got the last 2 shelves varnished and installed today. Then I had to pick up some metal bins at my booth at Winnie & Tulula's. I went crazy with the little felt shelf protectors. I buy these by the case :)

Now you all know how I'm gonna handle the "dust" issue. All dishes and linens are inside boxes and bins. I just love this old banana box I picked up at the last Gresham Barn Sale. She still has a few left.

I've been asked it the metal I used is sturdy. It is a mid gauge steel, so yes it's plenty sturdy. You can buy all the parts for this project at Home Depot or Lowe's. I had to learn how to cut and drill metal for this project. Not difficult if you have the right tools. Mr Roboto comes in handy when it comes to having the right tools.

Everything back in it's place. I think I need some new (or old) chairs. Isn't that how it usually goes. Change one thing and then something else needs a change. Oh well, this is IT for now.

Happy Halloween, Hope you enjoy my Halloween playlist.
If it annoys you, just hit the pause button.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost Finished-Sneak Peaks

It's not quite finished as I'm still waiting for Varnish to dry on the bottom 2 shelves. So here are a few sneak peaks. First... the mess!!! Oh is that part of it in the background????

I added some metal number tags I had, to some of the shelves, to add to the industrial feel. Close up of the tags is the top pic above.

Trying to merchandise it with some soft industrial touches and a few dishes here and there.
I think these brackets really work as a great accent to the frame.
Big reveal tomorrow if all the varnish dries.

Home Stretch and feeling better about it.

Paint color picked out, thank you for all your advice. This is a combination of Black and brown and I love how it is looking.

Don't worry, there won't be grass stuck to it. I had already painted the back side before I flipped it. It's all dry now and oh so perfect. That paint was really worth the extra bucks.

Still varnishing the shelves.

More progress this weekend I hope.
Thanks for all of your encouragement, I think it may just work out.

Favorite project quote:
"Next time I want a Kit!!!!"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never Again-Misadventures of a girl who bit off more than she could chew

Ok, I've tackled furniture pieces before and each time I say "never again" but this time I mean it.
There are so many things I don't know about large pieces, and this one has metal as a main element and I'm entering uncharted waters.

Here are just a few of the phrases I've uttered in the past few days

In my own words at the time...

"What do you mean these nuts don't work with these bolts they are the same diameter? what's a thread count?
What's a lock washer and why do I need one?
Why does this thing keep falling over?
Why don't these holes line up?
I'm giving up?
This is crazy, this will never look good and I've wasted my money?
To late to turn back now!
I guess I'll finish it and if I hate it I'll just use it in my booth."

On the up side, I've started distressing and staining the shelves, and I found a great spray paint that will really help this piece look less like an erector set project.

I need to get some more bolts, nuts, washers etc. Who knew there were so many different kinds.

And I found these great shelf brackets that I'm going to use like this.

I sure hope this project comes out good but heck it's just a shelf and life is short so as I said before, If it doesn't work in my house I'll just use it in my booth and stick a price tag on it.
Hope to show you more tomorrow. Maybe I'll get the metal parts painted tomorrow.

Pop over to Gracie's Cottage for a fun give away that is just my style.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Above Progress----------Below Goal
Metal will be painted and shelves will be stained. Now to get more parts. This project is adding up $$$$$$ But still cheaper than the one below. I'm getting a bit discouraged that I won't like it when I'm done.

Harder than it looks, but we are getting there.

What color do you think I should paint the metal? Brown like rust or gunmetal black. I'm thinking brown to match the metal strapping on that banana box that will be on the bottom shelf, and the Autumn colors in my house.

New Etsy and What's Margo Up to?

Jack provided me with some more rusty washers in Abilene this weekend

I love my rusty washer necklaces.
I gave one away and I liked it so much I made some more.

The 2 above are on my etsy the one below is available but not placed on Etsy

LMK if you are interested

What could I be up to with this pile of supplies???? Stay tuned.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rustic Texas Boy's Room-Abilene Texas

I told you I couldn't wait to share what MFE and Jack did with their back bedroom. It is such a fun room.

The centerpiece of the room is this cute bedside table Jack built with old boots and reclaimed barn wood, from a barn that fell down on the family homestead property.

Above the table hangs his official brand for his ranch. He used reclaimed wood again, and various hooks from his junk pile.

MFE made this fun quilt and bedding from old blue jeans and buttons

This is one of my favorite projects and could be adapted for any decor. Jack made a shadowbox from reclaimed wood and used an old nail to hang an old well pulley.

And this is such a fun mirror Jack made, those are even real bullets tucked into that rope up there at the top. This is Texas after all.
Jack, MFE and Mr R are in the reflection there.

This is such a fun room for the Grandsons to stay in when they visit. I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Texas Reclaimed Ranch Decor.

A True Treasure-Etsy Item Spotlight

What originally drew me to this book was the graphics on the outside

But I got such a surprise when I opened it up

Page after page of these beautifully pressed horticulture specimens

and wonderful handwriting describing each one on each page

18 pages total

What a treasure, just added to my Etsy store- SOLD to Blog Reader

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pickin in Abilene Texas

This past weekend Mr Roboto and I went on a little road trip to visit some of his family in Abilene Texas. Abilene is about 3 hrs west of DFW. While there we got to visit his cousin's old family homestead for some (please take my junk away) junking fun.

As we drove up to Jack's "metal pile" I was already chompin-at-the-bit to start digging. But one little bit of instruction first "watch out for rattlers".

Didn't see any snakes but did find some great junk

Jack had "right to refuse" anything that I picked up. He's attached to some of this stuff.

I'm in my element!!! Below are some of my finds from this stash, but I brought more home, from Jack's Garage.

There are some interesting bits and pieces in there that are hard to see.
My favorite piece of junk is below. No not Mr Roboto, but the old car. I didn't bring it home though.

I found some great stuff before we left as well, and I can't wait to show you my Host's fun Western Guest Room. Thanks Jack and MFE for having us, we truly enjoyed our weekend away. Rain followed us all the way home but we made it fine and are glad to have a day of rest before getting back to work.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've Been Inspired

I knew it I just knew it. Someone would post something that would have the gears in my brain turning like crazy and I'd have a project in the queue. Well it happened at my Industrial linky party when All My Treasures posted this picture.

What a lovely bakers rack, industrial, utilitarian, a little bit country not too frilly, I love it. but of course I can never buy something "off the rack" I've got to robo-fy it. So let's go slimmer, and shorter to fit my space

Ok, it's easy on photoshop but what about the real world. Now I've got to find myself a welder who can make it for me, that won't cost a fortune. Or come up with another way to make it myself. Any ideas out there?????
I'm really jones-ing for this now.

Here are a few others that may find parts of them morphed into my finished product whenever I get it finished??????

Vintage Industrial Furniture

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

In a year I'm sure I'll be able to find exactly what I want everywhere, but I'm like Varuca Salt and

to be continued.....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to my little Industrial Chic Show-n-tell Linky Party. It was a huge success. There were 43 separate entries into the show-n-tell and several more comments. We even got a few of the guys involved there towards the end.

As you can see by the links, Industrial Chic has a range of looks, fitting into many different styles of Decorating. I can't wait to try this again sometime.

Now for the winners

The Necklace goes to Lezlee of Prior Lives
The Mini Chalk Board Tags go to Kristin of Faded Prairie and
The Skeleton Flash Cards go to Junque Magnet

Wish I could have had an award for each and every one of you.
To the Winners, Please email me your address, and I'll send out your winnings.

Thank you again, to everyone who entered their take on Industrial Chic and to everyone who commented. I found some great new blogs as I'm sure you did too.

Have a happy week.
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