Monday, February 28, 2011

Flea Market Style starting to show up

For all of you waiting patiently for the merchandisers to get Flea Market Style on the shelves, Your wait is almost over. I have reports from all over the country of it showing up and have found it myself locally at Home Depot and Barnes & Noble.

Just a reminder if you can't find it in your area,
you can order it online from me, I even ship internationally.
See right side bar for ordering information.
I just ordered another batch, as the first batch has already sold out, can you believe it. This is a good sign. Good sales equals future issues, Yea!!!!!

Just the thing to get your junkin juices flowing, with a little winter inspiration


GypsyFarmGirl said...

My husband bought me a copy of Flea Market Style at Tractor Supply Co. this weekend. I am loving all the great ideas! So inspired!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

It's made its way to South Florida. I found it last week at my local grocery store in the magazine isle.

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

HI Margo!!
I was able to get mine at Wal Mart on Saturday. I love it! You may get a kick out of my most recent post!
Love your blog...been following for a long time.

Prior said...

My sister ordered one, so I poured over hers, but found my own copy at Brookshires, today! LOVE it so much! Can't wait to meet Ki, at Winnie & T's.

Grannys Attic said...

Oh I got mine 2 weeks ago and it took me three days to read every word of it. I am loving it and do NOT allow the grand kids to touch it.
OMG I am crazy about this one! Blessings, Vicky

Mic said...

I am going on the hunt for my own copy this weekend! Looks like fun!

Simply Shelley said...

I saw them it at the Mustard Seed in Henderson...its a fairly new Antique Mall in the downtown area...have you been there...its a nice shop...check it out if you haven't...I think you will like it....blessings

lifespassion said...

Found it in Walmart in NW Indiana last week. LOVE it - Just about every article and picture is something to drool over!

kathyvintagegirl said...

Could'nt find in anywhere when I was home. But on vacation in Florida and found it the first day! Its amazing and creative! Great job everyone.. kathyg

RuthSMac. said...

I bought mine last weekend, i couldn't find it anywhere but in a trip to home depot i went with my hubby to buy some stuff, i headed to the magazines aisle and saw it and OMG!(that's what i said,LOL!) it was right there, of course i bought it :)

New ideas for this young mind in the junk world ♥

Congrats Margo for your new place at the magazine :)

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