Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I am NOT

Helping out with this last issue of Flea market Style has been a real eye-opener. I've learned what I am, and what I am NOT. Firstly I am not a writer...

I was, at one point going to be responsible for an article in the magazine. As Ki and I began to talk about it, my anxiety about the project grew exponentially.
I finally just admitted my failings and asked if I could turn it over completely to the writer, who was really doing all the work anyway. Everyone, including you, will be happy that I did. So my short career as a published writer ended before it began, but I am OK with that. As I said,
I learned what I am NOT.

Secondly I realized I am not a Photographer, I am not a Stylist (well actually I knew that to begin with). Watching Heather work on the shoot here in Texas and helping as an "assistant", showed me what a great amount of work and skill is involved in shooting a beautiful magazine article. There is a lot that goes into each and every shot, perfection is really, a lot of work.

So what can I do...Projects. Well actually project.

You can find it on page 96. You'll have to get the magazine to actually see the project, sorry 'bout that. I'd love to show it to you...but...there are rules, and copyrights and all that jazz.

and a how-to on page 136

And yes those are my fingers, and my wonderful Mr R took the pics for the
how- to.

I'm hoping to write a blog post for FMS on how this came about. It was a quick last minute "can you do it?" "Yes I can?" kind of thing. With overnight shipping involved etc. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to contribute in any way I can. I can add this to my life list of experiences, And I look forward to working with the team on the next issue in whatever way I'm needed.
Just not writing, please not writing.


Grannys Attic said...

Hi Margo,

I got my FLEA MARKET STYLE magazine yesterday OMG I have to tell you it is wonderful. I really loved the first one but I will have to say this one is 10 times better. I could not put in down. Everything was tip top. Thanks so much! Vicky

Sweet European Dreams said...

We're always looking at other's accomplishments and thinking, "I would love to do that", when we have no idea the time and skill involved! What a great opportunity for you to be featured in FMS - very fun! Can't wait to get my copy ASAP! -diane

Jane said...

Congratulations on being involved with the magazine! I'm sure all of your contributions were greatly appreciated.
I bought a copy on Friday and on Friday night I told the family it was "me" time so I could read the magazine from cover to cover.
I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and found myself saying over and over, "I've got that...I collect those". I'm thinking I might just have some flea market style :)
We will now all be looking forward to the next issue (is that something you want to think about right now?)
Have a great day.

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