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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fabulous Shop, Sterling Grace, Tyler Texas

A few Christmases ago I stumbled up on a fabulous local store. I don't normally frequent jewelry stores but something about this place called to me, while I was walking between Hancock fabrics and Michael's.
You can see why, Unpretentious and featuring fabulous sterling charms and jewelry, all designed by the owner. But what struck me was her sense of display and the fact that she uses vintage pieces to display her fabulous creations.

iTag charms fit perfectly in these old soda crates

I immediately knew I had a met a kindred spirit and quickly struck up a conversation with the owner/artisan, Deborah, who owns this fabulous shop.There she is hiding behind one of her t-shirt creations. A t-shirt that this blogger got, by the way. I can't wait to wear it. It's a fabulous retro design with a Christian Message. Just above the owl's wing it simply says "whosoever".
Check out made from old windows and doors

All her items have a Christian theme and one of my favorite purchases is a simple round charm that says "whosoever" on one side with John 3:16 on the other. Unpretentious and simple in it's message. According to her web site "every design has a meaning and purpose as well as being a visible reminder of one's faith in God."Huge wire basket hangs above. She has big plans for it for Christmas

If you live locally you need to stop by her little store in the Michaels shopping center next to Fed Ex. If you are not local you can find her on the web here.
Be sure to check out her fabulous window displays as well, due to glare I could not get good pics of them, but this gal has a fabulous eye for display. Just wondering around her store is a joy.

I can't wait to share her Christmas displays with you. She told me about her ideas and it sound fabulous.

Next post, her creative space and a fabulous project you can use in your home :)


Sueann said...

Wow! I love her space! Beautiful!
"And that tshirt is fabulous!!
"whosoever" says it all!
Wish I could visit her shop in person. Can't wait to see her Christmas displays!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

THANKS for showing us around Margo....Maybe you can take me there if I make it to Casa Du Robo one day....**wink**....!

Is that WHOLE display cabinet made from doors & windows....?? Doesn't matter I guess 'cause it's given me a GREAT idea for a piece....!!!

Cheers for now Lovey,
Tamarah xx

PS: hahahahaha....The word verification for this comment was 'press'....Appropro dontcha think....!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Good to know - thanks for sharing!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

wow, looks like a fun place to visit. I'll have to scoot over there one weekend, since it's only about an hour and thirty away from me, and I can visit family while I'm in Tyler.

that t-shirt is adorable :)

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