Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bedroom makeover progress

I've shown you some of these changes before, but I have some new things to show you. First off I finally have a palate thanks to this wonderful pillow I found in Mo's booth at Winnie & Tulula's. I'm focusing on the bright green with a gray and just a splash of the burnt orange here and there.
I found the best coverlet and shams at Kohl's with a variation of Orla Kiely's stem print design. It's amazing how many things are out there that seem to be inspired by her designs. The coverlet is perfect as it has a gray underside, that I fold down to reveal both sides of the blanket and it gives the bed some dimension. The 3 euroshams are perfect to completely cover the very "countryish" headboard. I framed some prints from her book "pattern" that I got for Christmas and hung them on either side of the headboard and laced one on a small side table.
Even though I'm kinda going for a slightly modern look in this room, It'll always have elements of repurposing in it. Like the crates I use to store pillows and blankets. I'm on the lookout for some new lamps and I'll know them when I find them. The side tables and dresser need to be painted, but I'm still deciding on the right color for that. I'm leaning on the color of the matte in the frame above. A pretty slate-ish dark gray. What do you think about the gray for the furniture, and what should I do with the bed skirt? It's cream right now, but I'm just no feeling it. Any advise?


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

How about some RIT dye for the dust ruffle... you could pull orange color in a bit more? It's the same on the buttons on the pillow, the quilt in the basket and the picture on the table.
just dye it!
I'm diggin' that green! Pat

Karla said...

I like the colors! I vote for grey on the furniture. Maybe a more tailored bed skirt(no ruffles) for a more modern feel. Love the color of the coverlet and how lucky it was backed in grey! You have given me the itch for a "redo" in our bedroom. LOL Karla

Jill said...

I think dark gray on the bedskirt would be sharp. I like what you're doing with all of it. That pillow is a great inspiration piece.

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