Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas....Simplified...The Margo Way

For the last few years I've been a real Christmas Scrooge. Maybe it's because there are no little ones in my life, or maybe it's because it has all become a huge list of chores. Whatever the reason, I just do not look forward to this season at all.In an attempt to get some Christmas spirit back into my heart, I've decided to attempt to simplify it all. I'm delegating more and scaling back in some areas. One of the things that is such a daunting task is putting up the tree. I found the solution with an old aluminum tree. Quick set up, no lights, no garland, just the fun part of putting on the ornaments. Son #2 was in town this weekend, so what better time to get the tree up. Mr R helped too. There were a few broken ornaments, but I bore it all with a smile. There is nothing like the sound of plop and pop when those glass orns break.And Ta Da the tree is up...I think i'll be adding some more ornaments to it though. It looks great at night when the light wheel is on it.
For the rest of the house, Simple is the word
Just a few things tucked in here and there.
I love the vintage ornaments and decorations

This was new for me this year. I was inspired by a dealer's display at Winnie & Tulula's
Just hang some old ornaments in front of a mirror or even just an empty frame.

Except for a few tweeks here and there, and the clean up, that is my decorating for this year.
How about you, are you going all out, or scaling it back?

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MyFancy's Author said...

Simple and beautiful... love it!

Simply Shelley said...

I did so much less decorating this year than usual. I love Christmas though matter me its the most wonderful time of the year.
I do not like all the commercialism.. greediness...etc. Just keeping it simple... focusing on the "The Reason for the Season"...that does my heart so good....I truly hope your Christmas is very lovely and so blessed with all the goodness of the Lord Margo....

I did find me a nice 4ft. aluminum tree on ebay for less than $ has the pom poms and its in great shape...I don't know that I will put it up this year...maybe next year though.

Vickie said...

Now, Margo, looks like you DID do more than just the tree and I like what you did. The Christmas balls on the mirror is nice, too.

Mr. R is so good about letting you put his pic on your blog. Mine just doesn't want to show his face around here!

Sueann said...

Love the simple and elegant decorations...and that aluminum tree is fab!!

time worn interiors said...

My very first memories of a Christmas tree are of a silver tree, with blue ornaments and a great color wheel! I remember it just like it was yesterday! Love your tree!

Come by my blog and see what I'm using for a tree this year!


Ki said...

That looks just like what my holiday will look like minus the ornaments which are still in Florida. Simple but sweetened by family and friends! Ki

Unknown said...

Hi, Margo! I think it's hard to get into the swing of Christmas when you've been planning since September or October. Such is the life of an antiques/folkart dealer! Your decor is lovely.

I was in your neck of the woods for a short while during the Thanksgiving break. My daughter, DIL and I took the kids to JumpStreet in Plano. It was about a four hour trip from Shreveport or I would have tried to contact you. (We arrived, they jumped, we left).


GypsyFarmGirl said...

Love your decorations. I kept mine simple as well and didn't put out near all my decorations, but in turn repurposed items for my tree and spent less than $10 tree and all.
To me Christmas should be simply and beautiful?

Prairiedog said...

I love your tree!! I got out my aluminum tree Sunday and put it together. It needed lots of fluffing. I loaded mine though with small ornaments, garland that looks like sequins, fluffy garland with little balls attached, etc. It's sitting on one of a trio of metal stacking tables, wired it down. Then covered the stand with some white fabric with silver snowflakes. The grandkids liked it. I'm doing a little more decor this year as we're having a neighborhood progressive dinner soon, so wanted to spif up the place. I decorate in vignette's, so my stuff may be modern or primitive or glitzy all in one room. Karen

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