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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've got Drawers

Last week I got out to Winnie & Tulula's to take down all the Christmas and re-fluff for the New year. I seem to have accumulated a lot of drawers. It's always fun to display things in groups and I decided to put them all together, for a "get organized" theme for the New Year.

And here is a fabulous find...
But it's just a portable card table you say...

Think again.

I thought that is what it was when I bought it, and was so surprised when I opened it up, to find a whole table and chairs.

Currently available on my Etsy store.

I'm going to take a short blogging break while I play catch-up from the Holidays.
But I'll be back, and remember the Spring issue of Flea Market Style will be available soon, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

display looks good

deborah said...

So glad I stumbled acrossed your etsy and blog! So adorable and I love, love, love your style! I am your newest follower!
xo deborah
{the white chair}

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Margo, that table and chairs is pretty cool! Hope you are doing well, T

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