Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting ready for International Travel,

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As my loyal readers know, I'm about to head to Paris in less than a month, for my first ever, out of the country trip. It's been almost a year in the planning and during that time, I've made lists, and plotted strategy for traveling. My first goal, load myself down with as little as possible.

Above you see part of my travel strategy. The converters are a must, and the luggage scale is, from what I hear, very very helpful, since there are luggage weight limits and I'll be loaded down with treasures coming home. But those are just the tools of the trade.

Do you see that notebook in the center next to the passport?
This is my secret weapon. Inspired by my Future DIL and her wedding lists. I've taken all my lists, itineraries, maps etc. Shrunk them down and glued them to the pages inside that little notebook
There will be no searching for the right sheet of paper while I'm out and about, It'll all be there in that notebook. And there is still plenty of room for notes etc.
It all fits in my super small travel purse designed for cross body protection from pick pockets.
My other secret weapon is my fab money bag apron that Karla made for me. I talk more about this fab bag here.

So that is my light weight organizational strategy, tune in next for my luggage/packing strategy.


Candylei said...

I'm excited for you!!! The weather will be perfect!

Pam said...

You have some quite clever ideas there Margo! Should make for a much easier and safer time over there for you. What a wonderful time you'll have I'm sure. Good luck and good shopping ! :)

Anonymous said...

our daughter went to paris, madrid and barcelona recently. we packed her lightly w/versatile clothing that went from casual to dressy simply by switching out shoes, adding a scarf for belt-hair tie, etc. and maybe a dressy jacket. anything that was multi-purpose went.
purchase items that look great crinkled and ready to wear.

Jan said...

I suggest you make several copies of your passport that has your photo and info. Put each in a different place just in case something were to happen to your passport, heaven forbid. Wear comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking and stairs to climb. I have never seen so many stairs in one place as there are in Paris. There are a lot of pick pocket so be careful. If you get a chance go to Galleries Lafayette. The whole dome of the store is solid stained glass, just gorgeous. Southern France is a more relaxed area. Have fun.

lorene said...

I have never commented to you before, but I just had to tell you how excited I am for you! If this is the Red trip, I have read about it for years and just haven't taken the plunge! Now I feel kike I almost "know" someone going..have fun for all of us!!

Sueann said...

Love the notebook idea...I am going to do that too. Smart!!


You are going to have an awesome trip. I went to Paris last year. Do yourself a favor and don't drive. It will make you insane. People walk right out in front of you and the traffic is insane and parking . . . OMG! The city is beautiful and captivating. Take a red bus tour; you'll love it.


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