Saturday, March 10, 2012

Orla Kiely coming to Bed Bath & Beyond...mixed feelings.

I read yesterday on Apartment Therapy that my Fav Designer, Orla Kiely, is coming out with a line of bedding that will be available in the states at Bed Bath & Beyond. My first reaction was elation "wow I'll be able to get me some Orla sheets, shams etc." But then I began to wonder...

If Orla's designs become too available at too good a price will it decrease the desirability of her designs? If Orla was a commonplace product on the shelves of say, walmart...would we love her as much?

I know she had a line a few years ago at Target and with the "limited edition, short time only" availability, it did not do her much damage, and even now you can find those Target items on Ebay for a truly "Orla" price.

I'm reminded of Warren Kimble. He is a folk artist who's prints were in high demand back in the 90's

I fell in love with the primitive aspect of all his art and began to use is in my decor. Then suddenly his stuff was everywhere. From greeting cards, to napkins, to wrapping paper. He saturated the market with his fabulous art and it died out in popularity. Now I see his prints at garage sales, and I just pass them by and think "how sad" that something I had loves so much is now passe'. (No offense intended), I just think he over saturated the market. I hope this is not what Orla is doing.

Nevertheless, I will be First in line for some true Orla bedding, and my calendar is marked for May to start looking. I just hope that she knows what she's doing. I'd hate for her beautiful designs to peak and then die out. I want Orla on the job for years to come.


Sueann said...

Good point indeed!! Hope she doesn't overdo it!

Debbie P. said...

That certainly is cause for concern. Thomas Kinkade is another example of marketing gone wrong.

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