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Friday, June 29, 2012

Introducing Flea Quest-online directory of flea markets around the country

This is an exciting day!
Did you ever wish you could find a complete guide to all of the flea markets, antiques shows, vintage sales, antiques shops, road trips and architectural salvage stores in the nation?
All in one place, online, with the capability to search and to comment?

Introducing FleaQuest, a free nationwide, online directory that will get you the information you need, whether you're planning a road trip or just want to seek out the perfect vintage stuff!
Take a peek at our "placeholder" page here and sign up for updates as they become available. If you're a merchant, you can also check out the link to list your shop or sale on the guide.
It will debut early in 2013!

reprinted from Flea Market Style Blog

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Etsy Discount code for Blog Readers

Lots and lots of new items, and more being added daily

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Door Organizer from Match Holders

I see these old match holders everywhere, and I have had trouble moving them. So I decided to make a project from 3 of them I recently found.
I painted them all the same color, mounted them to a framed chalk board, added hooks and voila. Being on a chalk board there is room to write. This can be done in any size to fit any family.
Vary this project by leaving the holders in their shabby condition, or painting in all different colors, or even use chalk board paint to paint them. Mount to old window or shabby chippy board instead of chalk board.
I used both screws and glue for stability.
A great place for all that stuff that needs to hang out by the door.

Monday, June 18, 2012

See my guest blogger post over on Flea Market Style


Warning Grab a Kleenex before reading my guest blogger post over on the FMS blog.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

All of these items belonged to my Dad. His boyscout handbook, Pilot Log book,
Slide Rules, Camera, Watch (there's a story behind that watch). The framed picture
is of his HAM radio group in College, and the little boy is him as a toddler.

When I was in the month of my 18th birthday, My Father passed away at the age of 39. He had a very short battle with Leukemia.

The best piece of advise my Dad ever game me..."Don't limit your options." He wasn't talking about life in general, but a specific thing. But with most of my decisions in my life those words reverberate in my head. "Don't limit your options!!"

He's been gone for 29 years, I've know life without him more than life with him. However, he was there through all those influential moments of my youth. Dispensing wisdom whether I wanted it or not. My youngest son once said "When I die I want to meet 2 people in heaven. Elija and Your Dad." Wow!!

Here's to you dad, you continue to influence me even though you are not here.

IF you still have your father, give him some of your time today. If not find the nearest Dad in your life and give him some time today.

Or spend some time with THE FATHER because he's always there!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Porch, Love it Hate it!!!!!

Lately DH and I seem to be slaves to our home. We are trying to come up with ways to lessen this, but truth is, our dream home, owns us, and sometimes it can feel a bit defeating.
I am truly blessed to have the front porch of my dreams. Literally, I have dreamed of a porch like this all my adult life.

But with all things, it can be a blessing or a curse

After just 7 years the decking needs to be repainted.... again.
And take a close look at the ceiling, you can just make out some of the mildew problem I've been dealing with for several years.

I've powerwashed, bleached, primed 2 coats, and painted 2 coats, on the ceiling and railings and it is all nice and bright white now. It has taken 3 weeks of work to get this done (I'm taking it at a slow pace).
So right now my porch looks more like this, with ladders, plastic, and paint buckets everywhere you turn.

Than this

I'm going to paint the rockers also. They may look nice and white here, but in truth they are also covered in mildew and bleaching will only keep em clean for a couple of months, then they need it again. I'm using a mildew resistant paint additive that I've had good luck with in the past.

Next step is the decking and stairs

Then the rockers and swing, and then I can put it all back together. I want to be done by July 4th!!! for our big 4th Bash.

I better get cracking!!!!!

So between that and my room a day cleaning challenge I'm a bit busy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Room a Day Cleaning Challenge

I've decided to challenge myself (and you through this blog) into a new house cleaning ritual. The idea is to break the house up into areas (not always rooms) and deep clean one of those areas per day. Now the typical house has 2-3 bedrooms, a family room and possibly a formal living room, A kitchen and dining area, 1-2 bathrooms ( I have 3) and hallways pantries and utility rooms. So for me I divided mine up into 14 areas. I may need to tweek this a bit as I proceed but we'll get to that.

For Day one I decided to start on the smallest room in my house, and that would be my downstairs bathroom. While small it's got a tub/shower, toilet, sink and vanity. Beyond the usual cleaning I dusted the blinds, cleaned the window, and under the sink as well as the cabinet door fronts. Fully scrubbed the baseboards and of course all of the usual stuff. It's spick and span for now, that was Sunday.

Day 2
Monday brought what may be the hardest room of my house, the kitchen. I should have divided up the kitchen from the dining room seen below, but I decided to tackle them in one day. I gave this area the royal treatment, and it needed. Top of fridge, microwave, cabinet door fronts, baseboards, floors sink all got a good scrubbing.
In here too. You see I'm cursed (I mean blessed) with picture frame paneling and chair rail throughout my downstairs. We installed most of it ourselves. While it's beautiful, it does collect the dust, and with 2 dogs, I get plenty of that. This paneling got the complete scrub in both rooms. As well as dusting and wiping down all the furniture in here. Whew I was tired after day 2. After that I looked at my schedule and was pleased that I had chosen a fairly easy room for day 3.

Day 3
The Guest room. All that this room needed was dusting, windows, blinds, and a good vacuuming.
I did do the ceiling fan and paid extra attention to the base boards. No picture frame paneling in here thank goodness. I'll wait to change the sheets for when company comes. That way I know it's fresh for them. This room also doubles as Etsy storage and photographing area, hence the photo light.

What I've learned so far is

1) the kichen and dining are 2 areas not 1.

2) this is really working. you see once I'm done with my area I can truly relax for the day. Knowing if there is dust building up in another area, it is on the list, and will be gotten to.

3)The schedule does not mean I let the other areas go completely to pieces between scrubbings.
I tend to be tidy anyway, it's the deep cleaning that I neglect.

Tomorrow is Ironing, I decided to give this chore a day of its own. I'll keep you posted. Are you with me, Are you willing to try this in your home. Have any advise or suggestions to add?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fabulous Shelf

A few months ago I ran across a wonderful Blog:
This gal shares my love of junk and Orla Kiely retro design.
She had a beautiful round vintage wall shelf she'd painted orange, and I just fell in love with it.
You can see it here
second photo down. I can't repost the photo because I don't have permission.

Anywho: I ran across one last week, and had to pick it up. It's been cleaned and is in my etsy store waiting for someone to love it. Who knows it might just be me.
I've been known to shop in my own etsy store before. ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Some more great weekend finds

There hasn't been a lot going on here lately. Just work, painting our porch and hitting a few Garage Sales. This is part of my weekend haul. I'm glad when people start opening up their garages in the Summer.
Only in Texas

If you haven't already, be sure to "like" my facebook page. There are some fun things happening over there and I'll have another give away when I hit 500 likes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vintage Rubber Stamp Holders

I love the design sense of the past, as seen in these rubber stamp holders. The one below is pretty common, but the one above was a new design to me.

And this one is just so fabulous
As you can see I have a thing for vintage office supplies. And I have a whole entire etsy section devoted to vintage office items.

The stamp holders have modern uses as well

Check out what my friend Mamie Jane did with one at Christmas time here
See more on my pinterest here

Have you seen any other designs of rubber stamp holders?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Some great finds this Week

This has been a great week for junk. First came the call from a local dealer who had to vacate her storage facility and was selling off stuff to all comers. Her prices were great and I got the fab items above and some architectural pieces below.

Last week was not so good and this roll of vintage trim was about all I came home with.

Thursday I headed to First Monday trades days and came home with these lovelies. (I see a red trend here)
And the fab find of the week were these vintage DANSK mid century enamel pots.
I'm feeling pretty good and heading back to Canton tomorrow with the hubbie to see what else we can find. Have a great weekend. Don't forget to "like" me on facebook. I'll draw a winner from all my "likes" when I reach 350.

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