Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Be Prepared, July 4th Fun

I raided my barn for some last minute junk 4th decorations and I think we are ready...and safe???
Fire extinguisher and water hoses at the ready. First aid kit close at hand as well.

A sign in case anyone is confused about what we are gathering forI like to use Aluminum Christmas tree branches, as never ending sparkler decorations
This guy is safely inside for the festivities.
Everyone have a happy 4th and stay safe. Take time to reflect on the meaning of the day and



Charlotte said...

This is so cute! Who knew we were waiting for "boom"? Good thing you made a sign (here's your sign)! Your porch looks so inviting.

cathywhatisoldisnew said...

The "sparkers" made me smile! What a great idea!

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