Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Drab world of the Black, white, and beige office

Everyday I go to work, in my office which although I've tried, really does not reflect my personality 
at all.
It seems that office furniture and equipment manufactures are in love with gray, black and beige.

  Over the years, I've tried and tried to update my working world with a little flash and substance, but I inevitably fail, because I'm trying to work with the color palate "they" have given me, Uggh!

Recently at the AW13 London Fashion week, My favorite Designer, Orla Kiely, tacked the blah world of the "clerical office", and I am in love!!!! She started with the standard white wall, and gray/beige world we are all used to, and added some punches of color here and there, along with some fab and groovy retro styling and vintage office products.
And Then... inserted her models, and beautiful bags, clothes, and coats etc into the scene.
 I love the effect the little bit of color has on this drab drab world.

This has inspired me  to tackle my work space using the same philosophy.

Today I found this fun lamp and am adding some small splashes of color here and there with folders, pens, and paper products.  And I'm sure, that colorful spray paint, is going to become my best friend in the near future.

And of course a little Orla never hurts.

 I wonder what color I should paint that black metal shelf?????

It's definitely a work in progress, and  I'll be continuing to work on my drab black, white, and beige working world, and will share it with you as I go. For now, Baby steps.


Sueann said...

Great is going to look terrific. That black could layer some vintage fabric and lace and some colorful pots or containers.
Just a thought

hong kong property said...

manufacturers love neutral colors, they sell well. haha

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