Friday, May 3, 2013

Inspiration Office Decor thrifting

I must admit, that a huge part of the inspiration for my new office re-do goes to Orla Kiely. If you read my blog at all you know I LOOOOOVE Orla. I'm not a fashionista by any stretch, but I love her bags like nothing else.  

 After seeing her set, for the recent London Fashion week, I was truly energized to get going.

Here you see Orla's set and later with the models.  I love what she did with touches of color, just a touch, so as not to distract from the clothing.
I used a bit more in my decor because I don't have the beautiful clothing or models running around.

  I wanted to share, how much of my office redecorating was done with thrifted and used items. Hopefully this will inspire you to take the time to hunt and find those things you need to redo your space, save money and the planet at the same time.

Below you can see  how much of my office was thrifted. All the circles show items that I found used, at thrift stores, used furniture stores, and garage sales.

 All of my  "in" baskets, and desk top file holders.  The lateral file that holds my printer, the desk and chair, the bulletin boards, clock, globe  and vintage office  accessories,
The map, the organizer on the white shelf, the bulletin boards below, The book shelf everything on top of the filing cabinets including the lamp and scale (hard to see the scale),  The larger file cabinet, And even the carpet (which had never been used),  were all found second hand.

And I do love my retro clock that I spiced up with some spray paint.

Out of the camera view is a credenza which was also a used office furniture store purchase from several years back.  Of course I have the usual office fodder, copier, credit card machines, phone, printer, computer, calculator fax etc.  Those things are usually beige or gray and nothing can really be done about that.  But now they have some fun retro pieces to brighten them up, which I am loving.

If you are looking for office furniture I highly encourage you to find the used office furniture stores in your area, and take a look. Old furniture is made so much better than the new stuff. It's more durable and has great lines and styles.

You can almost always find exactly what you are looking for and maybe something you weren't  ;)

check out my Etsy store for more vintage office and organizing items.

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vintagerecycling said...

great make-over; I love it!
we have a state surplus store in our area where you can get all sorts of old office furniture ...some things I have bought are recycling cans, desks, shelving, waiting room couch, files and mail sorters, library cart, school maps, overhead projector, +++... two days ago they were selling boxes of books for a dollar! ...I only filled THREE

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