Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Displays in Retail

I love it when I walk into a store and see a display that creatively uses vintage items to enhance their products.  Those of us in the Vintage world have been using our own items to display other items for years, but it seems the world of retail has caught on to the visual impact a vintage item can bring to their new products.

Anthropologie Was one of the early adopters of this trend, and regularly uses common discarded items for their window displays.   from Books to Clothes pins, To a  plethera of Christmas Ornaments as seen below.

Ornaments. Credit

One of the favorite ones I ran across in my searches was one made with Chair parts.
Chair and table pieces. Credit

To me that is a work of art.

They also use vintage items for their indoor displays

Orla Kiely recently used vintage office furniture and accessories for her runway show.

And in her window displays for Uniqlo as well

Fossil jumped on the band wagon, but uses reproduction old pieces. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Reproduction letterpress Letters, and trunks for their Key Per Bags.


I have a favorite Local shop in town and the owner often brings in vintage items for her jewelry displays.  

Fabulous Shop, Sterling Grace, Tyler Texas

Besides the bicycle, there are vintage coke crates for her various charms.

Bachman's of Minnesota, under the guidance of our very own Ki Nassauer not only uses vintage to display their items, but will also sell them to you.
It's always nice to see what we love going mainstream and I'm seeing it used more and more and in unique ways.  Vintage displays are sometimes less expensive, and more appealing and attention getting than standard store fixtures.  Kudos to all the retailers who are using these fabulous pieces in their displays.

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Rita C at Panoply said...

Great post - thanks! And I'm not sure what I think of all the 'new' vintage items either. Dealers are selling them at antique & flea markets also. I think the general public will react negatively when side-by-side vendors booths' show up having the same new old treasures as each other. As always, buyers beware!
Bet your move was very emotional, not to mention sickeningly hot. Hope you didn't make yourself sick in the heat. Have a great rest of summer!

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