Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Margo's Top Junk Collectible Countdown

Forget Market Research and Focus Groups!!!!

I want to share what  I  think are the current top collectibles out there. 
 Note: this is totally just my opinion, for  items I....

In no particular order, 
First Retro Purses and Handbags.... Of which I seem to be acquiring quite a few.

 Some of my favorite purses to find are Enid Collins of Texas jeweled bags as seen on the top shelf of this photo and below. On the middle shelf is a EC knock off and a straw with rhinestones, and a fun plastic kit bag with flowers.  Below that is an other EC bag with a cute blue car and my latest find, a beautiful blue straw raffia bag.  On the sides and a bonus top ten, sub category, are some of my collection of mini chatelaine  purses from the 20's.

 I find it so hard to pass up a retro handbag, especially if it's colorful.
Several of these bags can be purchased from my Etsy store here

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