Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bedroom mini makeover part 2

I'm finished with my mini makeover of my "play room".  Many of these items are available in my Etsy store and until they are sold, I safely use them in this space.  Otherwise they'd be stowed away in the Etsy Closet, so why not display them right????

Colorful pillows and quilt dress up the bed without much fuss or expense.

Below you see another photo of my granny square window toppers, there are actually 2 windows one is out of view of the camera. A fabulous retro "eams style" bucket chair sits in the corner with a fun retro pillow. More colorful afghans in a basket on the floor.
I Dressed up existing side tables with retro lamps, books and trays, and that fab mid century clock I got in California.

I Updated my Dress form with a simple retro scarf

Mod bejeweled Enid Collins (and look alike)  hand bags hang from this piece, but I left my 100 year old lace up for now.
Color and fun are added with this post card etc display and a bright red enamel sign letter.

The Tole candle holder was purchased at the Rose Bowl and I can't seem to bring myself to part with it just yet. I use it to blend the color and whimsey with the "cottage pieces" that must remain in the room for practicality sake. The old fashioned painted cottagey dresser was a $5 purchase and has more than come in handy on many occasions.  To bring it up a decade or two, a simple orange table runner sits on the top, and on the other end (not seen) a retro lamp.

Before photo is below. I like the updates very much.  It's so bright and cheery. I hope my guests will like it as well. I left all the big pieces as they were and just changed out the accessories.  I think it gives  a completely different and cheery look without breaking the bank.  Let me know what you think.


Rita C at Panoply said...

I LOVE it - it so YOU! I think you should take a few of those items off your listings or else they're sure to sell - it IS so bright & cheery now.

kate said...

Love the updates! Love the punch!

Simply Shelley said...

Oh I love what you have done...such a big change ..can I come for a sleep over? Just kidding...haha Blessings

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