Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shopping the Rose Bowl Flea

 One of my "bucket list" flea markets is the Rose Bowl Flea. I've heard about it, read about it, and now it was my turn to see it. It's a flea market that sets up once a month in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl.
 It has a certain circus atmosphere out front where you must purchase tickets to get in.
 With Ki as my tour guide, we bypassed the "new" stuff and headed strait to the vintage section.  She made the first purchase of the day. A fabulous mid century side table, the one in front there.

 There were lots of things I looooved, like this tulip table, but were both too large and too expensive for me to bring home.

 There are lots of strange and unusual things as well. Loved these pink sparkly boots and I think they would be perfect for Ki's horse riding.

 You can even go inside the Rose Bowl it'self and see the field, They offer tours as well.

 This alien cello player was entertaining people with his rocking cello style.

 There was a lot to see and I don't think we actually finished.

 Wouldn't this be a fun lamp in the right decor. Cant take it home so I took a photo.

Both of us were drooling over this portable desk. I'm still thinking I should have scarfed it up for my hubby's side table.  I could just shut his stuff up inside when not in use.
 That's all from the Rose Bowl Flea,   I'll show you what I purchased in the next post.  I brought home not only some good junk but a nice sunburn as well.  ( I did use sunscreen, but I missed a few spots).


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Looks like fun!
That lamp would be great...love the color.
The Cellist(?) was looked hot. And not in a good way!

...loved seeing it through your eyes. Pat

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I am ready to go check that off my bucket list too!
Thanks for sharing.
Looks like you
and Ki had a some good LA fun.

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