Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to pack for Flea Market Travel

I think I just about have flea market traveling down to a science, but I continue to improve on the process. So I thought I'd share a bit of what I've learned with all of you. 

My first tip is get an airline credit card and an app for your smart phone, from your preferred airline.

 I usually travel via American so I have the advantage card, and the app on my phone.

The advantage card give me miles from all my purchases (I was recently able to book a flight to LA for only $5) and a free checked bag(this is important!).
 The app gets me onto my flight with relative ease.
 It allows me to both check in and get my boarding pass all from home up to 24 hrs before my flight.



Since I can check a bag for free each way, I have my large bag and I place my smaller bag inside it.  Smaller bag has all the essentals. and larger bag gets any overflow and packing materials I might want to bring along. Notice the little folded up bag in the front. It has wheels and will be for shopping while at the Bonanza and then simply folds up for the return trip home.

Then I have this wonderful bag for a carry on. It holds lap top, snacks, phone, money etc. All the essentials when traveling, and fits under the seat in front of me. So there will be no hoisting of bags into the overhead bins for me, at least for the flight out. Carry a small crossbody purse for shopping and flying.

This is what I have when I arrive at the airport. I'll check the large bag with the sky cap, show him my AA credit card, and boarding pass on my phone,  give him a $5 tip and be on my way strait to the security line.

At the Airport
Once in security I have "priority access" because of my Airline credit card, so I wait in the shorter line, and hopefully zip right through.

Returning Home
When it's time to come home, I have an empty bag, to pack full of stuff .
Remember to know the measurements of your bag before you head out shopping.
 Don't buy anything that won't fit or you'll be sorry.

When packing, empty things should be filled with smaller things. Pack it like a game of tetris. You'd be surprised how much you can get into that bag. Used bags, boxes, paper etc can be used as packing materials. Clothes can be wrapped around things to cushion etc.  Split purchases and clothes between the 2 bags to distribute the weight (check with airline for weight limit). Be sure your carry on has no forbidden items, liquids, or sharp objects. Save those for the checked bag.

Returning to airport, check you large bag and carry your smaller bag and your little, under the seat bag, through security.  Stow your small purse inside one of those bags for boarding and you are on your way.
Be prepared to have your luggage looked at (junkers know why;).

A few more tips.
I always bring food with me. I am a flight jinx and am always getting delayed, Severely delayed, even overnight delayed. So having protein bars, snacks and water is very handy in those situations.

For black luggage, tie something colorful on it so that you'll know it's yours, and someone else won't grab it by mistake. Here's a photo of everything I got into my luggage from my last trip, using this method.
Even the candle holder on the right.  :)
Bon Voyage'

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Curtains in My Tree said...

thanks for the tips on the apps on my iphone I always have trouble traveling and coping my boarding pass

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